2014 IEEE CAS Fellows

Congratulations to the 2014 Class of IEEE CAS Fellows! Thank you for your many contributions to IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

Poras Balsara
“for contributions to the design of all-digital frequency synthesis”

Soumitro Banerjee
“for contributions to the understanding of nonlinear phenomena in power electronic circuits, and to the theory of border collision bifurcation”

Tihao Chiang
“for contributions to the theory and applications of video coding algorithms”

Tobias Delbruck
“for contributions to neuromorphic visual sensors and processing”

Robert Gilmore
“for contributions to high-performance and low-power wireless portable communications devices”

Yun He
“for contributions to video coding and communication technologies”

Xicheng Jiang
“for development of communication systems-on-chip products”

Tanay Karnik
“for contributions to error-tolerant circuits and near-load voltage regulators”

Marios Papaefthymiou
“for contributions to the design of adiabatic circuits for high-performance computing”

Andre van Schaik
“for contributions to neuromorphic circuits and systems”

Changsheng Xu
“for contributions to multimedia content analysis”

Wei-Xing Zheng
“for contributions to signal processing and system identification”

More details can be found on the Awards and Fellows page.