The two years of my term as president of the CAS society have been a great and rewarding personal experience. I think I have also kept almost all the promises I made at the beginning of my term and in particular to treat the CASS members as customers. This is an important aspect for me because I think this is the correct attitude of a person who works as a volunteer. 

As you know, in January 2016, at the beginning of my term, I worked for the publication of the book "A short history of Circuits and Systems". With the help of fifty colleagues, we managed to get the book available in May to be offered for free to ISCAS participants in Montreal. The book was also offered to participants of other CASS Conferences and is now available free of charge in the e-book format for CASS members.

Other initiatives that I have supported are the seasonal schools with slide-based books and the Industrial Distinguished (I-DL) program. The CAS Society contributes partially to the seasonal schools to allow a reduced participation fee. Furthermore, the slides of the presentations are assembled two-per-page for a book available in paper format and as an e-book. The e-book versions of the first two books can be downloaded free of charge for the CASS Members, other books will come shortly. There is a specific site, the CASS Resource Center accessible from the main CASS Web site. The CASS Resource Center also offers other resources freely available for CASS members.

One of the specific problems of our Society is a marked academic characterization. This is positive but for an optimal activity of our members, it is necessary to favor interactions with the industrial world. The I-DL Program that I have proposed aims at such an object. It is a joint venture between Chapter and local industries. The industries provide an industrial speaker and the chapters receive support from the CASS for the local organization. The goal is to determine benefits for both the participating industry and the young designers and researchers of the chapter.

We also worked to increase the CASS visibility with an improved version of the website and information on social media. The work done by the society’s administrator was a great help for this goal.

The activities described above are, in my opinion, those that mainly characterize the activity carried out. Obviously, there was also the management and work of VPs and administrative support without the precious help of which the Society would not be able to provide services to the members.

I hope you appreciated the work done by me and the VPs who have worked, in my opinion, very very well and to whom I sincerely express my gratitude. I will continue to serve the community as Past President and hope to meet many of you in future CASS events.

Franco Maloberti
CASS President 2016-17