October 4-6, 2017
Instituto de Informática, UFRGS
Porto Alegre, Brazil

The 2nd IEEE CAS Society Seasonal School on Digital Processing of Visual Signals and Applications will take place at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul – Porto Alegre (Brazil), on October, 4 to 6. It aims to gather researchers and industry professionals working on the domains of video and image processing. This IEEE CASS School offers an ambiance of fruitful exchange of ideas and discussion of the challenges of these areas in the near future, bringing together experts from both academia and industry. Conferences from experienced invited speakers and researchers will be delivered during the 3 days. The target audience is the community of Image and Video Processing, graduate or undergraduate students, as well as industry or research professionals.

A huge amount of images that are generated at every moment, together with the availability of high-performance processing and communication resources bloom out in a plenty of nice and useful applications. Digital Image experts come from many areas and constitute an interdisciplinary domain that will hopefully add up synergistically to enforce everyone's work. Of course, image understanding will need the contribution from specialists from several domains, from image acquisition and hardware to computer systems and machine learning, to mention only a few extreme points of a long chain.

At the Image and Video Processing side, some topics on the program are: image acquisition and processing, segmentation and features extraction, Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM); 3D object detection, image and video compression and coding, and algorithms and architectures for video processing. On the other side are the applications, like medical imaging and telemedicine, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), robotics and Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) and image processing for unmanned areal vehicles, Industry will be presenting products and services on an exhibition floor, and in company conference sessions as well.

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