7th IEEE CASS Rio Grande do Sul Workshop
October 18-19, 2017
Auditorium Building 43413, Instituto de Informatica, UFRGS
Porto Alegre, Brazil


The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Rio Grande do Sul Workshop is an event intended for academic exchange between researchers and student from the region and from around the world. The speakers are renowned researchers and from institutions with significant work in the field of circuits and systems. The event will last for two days and the program will consist of a series of tutorials and poster sessions.

Registration is free on the website, www.inf.ufrgs.br/cassw.

The invited speakers of this edition are:

  • Ebroul Izquierdo - Face Recognition in the Wild, and Visual Information Retrieval: From Machine Vision to Human ComputationQueen Mary - University of London (England)
  • Nina Crum - Exploring wacky standard cell architectures with automated gridded design, Intel - Hillsboro (USA)
  • Laurent Artola - An overview of the effect of natural radiation environments on microelectronics, ONERA - Toulouse (France)
  • Omar Neto - Thinking About Future Beyond Silicon Computers: The Nanomagnetic Logic Case, UFMG - Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
  • Monica Pereira - Using adaptability to increase reliability in Multiprocessor Systems-on-Chip, UFRN - Natal (Brazil)
  • Sylvain Bourdel - RF Low Power Technics, Minatec - Grenoble (France)
  • Volnei Pedroni - The Art of Designing and Implementing Finite State Machines in Hardware, UTFPR - Curitiba (Brazil)