The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society is the leading organization that promotes the advancement of the theory, analysis, computer aided design and practical implementation of circuits, and the application of circuit theoretic techniques to systems and signal processing. The Society brings engineers, researchers, scientists and others involved in circuits and systems applications access to the industry’s most essential technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools and many other exclusive benefits. Members with similar technical interests engage in professional exchange through the Society’s more than 100 local chapters in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia and the Pacific.

Membership includes Society Newsletter (electronic), IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine (electronic and print), IEEE RFIC Virtual Journal (electronic), IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Digital Library and Conference Digital Library (electronic). Join here.

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Member Benefits

Take a look at all the benefits of being a member of the Circuits and Systems Society.


From ISCAS and other conferences to regional chapter events, technical committees and a host of other activities, a myriad of networking resources are available to share information and learn about new things happening in circuits and systems engineering.


Whether you’re looking for the hottest topics, the latest research breakthroughs and innovations, short courses on emerging technologies, or vendor exhibits of new commercial products and services related to circuits and systems, the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society offers access to a conference community that will help you meet your professional goals.In addition, with membership you also receive:

  • Free electronic access to proceedings of CAS conferences
  • CAS discount for conference registration fee

Regional Chapters

The Society has more than 100 regional chapters spanning across the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Asia, Australia and the Pacific. Each chapter offers access to the industry’s most essential technical information, networking opportunities, career development tools, and many other exclusive benefits


IEEE offers IEEE MentorCentre, an online program designed to match IEEE members for a mentoring partnership. By volunteering as a mentor, individuals use their career and life experiences to help other IEEE members in their professional development. As a mentee, you lead your partnership by selecting your mentoring partner from among those who have volunteered to serve in this capacity.


Submit papers for publication in any of the IEEE trade journals for the opportunity to achieve industry recognition and esteem.Track trends in circuits and systems with a complimentary IEEE Circuits and Systems Magazine subscription and access to other magazines, papers, and other publications offered by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. Membership also gives you the option to purchase electronic access to all CAS publications.


Stay current on industry and society news with the CAS Society Newsletter.

Student Membership Benefits

Jump-start your career by learning the latest in circuits and systems engineering from the industry’s best. From workshops on emerging technologies to networking events, the Society provides student members with first-hand access to resources to advance professional development. In addition to all of the benefits offered through standard membership, student members of the Circuits and Systems Society received the following additional benefits:

Membership Fees & Application

Circuits and Systems Society membership covers one calendar year, beginning on 1 January and ending on 31 December. Professionals can join at any time during the calendar year and fees are prorated based on the month in which membership begins through the end of the calendar year. The cost of membership includes Society dues plus the specified amount based on the region in which you reside.

New Rates for 2017:

ClassificationGeneral MembershipStudent Membership
IEEE CAS Society Dues$22.00$11.00
IEEE Membership: United States$201.00$32.00
IEEE Membership: Canada (includes GST)$173.35$33.60
IEEE Membership: Canada (incl. NB, NF and ON HST)$185.11$36.16
IEEE Membership: Canada (incl. Nova Scotia HST)$188.05$36.80
IEEE Membership: Canada (incl. PEI HST)$186.58$36.48
IEEE Membership: Canada (GST and QST Quebec)$188.01$36.79
IEEE Membership: Africa, Europe, Middle East$162.00$27.00
IEEE Membership: Latin America$153.00$27.00
IEEE Membership: Asia, Pacific$154.00$27.00

Minimum Income or Unemployed Provision

Applicants who certify that their prior year’s income did not exceed US$13,800 or equivalent are granted a 50% reduction in IEEE dues, regional assessment, and dues for one IEEE Society and its optional publications. Please submit written certification with application and payment. Student members are not eligible. Join CAS or add to your existing IEEE membership.

Young Professionals Program (YP) CAS Members

If you are an IEEE Member who has received your first professional degree within the last fifteen years, you are automatically part of IEEE YP. The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society would like to find better ways to serve your needs as a CASS YP member. Your feedback is important to us as it will increase the variety and quality of the many services the IEEE CASS already offers you. You can learn more about YP at

Senior Members

Senior member is the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply. IEEE members can self-nominate, or be nominated, for Senior member grade. To be eligible for application or nomination, candidates must:

  • be engineers, scientists, educators, technical executives, or originators in IEEE-designated fields;
  • have experience reflecting professional maturity;
  • have been in professional practice for at least ten years;
  • show significant performance over a period of at least five of their years in professional practice.

For more information on the IEEE Senior Member Grade and to apply, visit:

Congratulations to the following CASS members that have been elevated to Senior Member in 2017. We are proud of your success and hope that this elevation will bring you personal satisfaction.

February 2017: Shilpi Birla, Gholamreza Chaji, Hsin-Shu Chen, Juan Crespo-Marino, Francesco Ferranti, Hadi Heidari, Chunwei Hsu, Alejandro Linares-Barranco, Leibo Liu, Thomas Meadows, Mattias Palm, Marcelo Porto, Renato Rimolo-Donadio, Emre Salman, M Sharif-Bakhtiar, Peter Sjoblom, Li Song, Ioan Tudosa, Aurelio Uncini, Gang Wang, Mai Xu, Chia-Hsiang Yang, Yi-Hsuan Yang, Hiroto Yasuura

April 2017:  Jens Anders, Suat Utku Ay, Adam Dabrowski, Antonio Garcia Rios, Javed Gs, Nor Hisham Hamid, Yinhe Han, Jeff Hardy, Babulu K, Hossein Miri Lavasani, Fotis Plessas, Toomas Rang, Tetsuya Shimamura, S. Sivanantham, Lei Sun, and Jingyu Yang

June 2017:  Mohd Zulhakimi Ab Razak, Ching-Che Chung, Jesus Garcia-Guzman, Umberto Gatti, Gianluca Giustolisi, Bradford Hunter, Haslina Jaafar, Haobo Lai, Jiaying Liu, Yan Lu, Nima Maghari, David Mcglone, Hongying Meng, Gael Pillonnet, Shylu Sam, Thomas Schierl, Meng Wang, Gu-Yeon Wei, Ruiqin Xiong, Yang Yi, Takefumi Yoshikawa, Bo Zhao, and Tun Zainal Azni Zulkifli

August 2017:  Seyed-Abdollah Aftabjahani, Daniel Bartlett, David Bien, Luiz Wagner Biscainho, Francesco Cannillo, Tarak Das, Carlos Galup-Montoro, Mohammad Hashmi, Matthias Keller, Jianjun Lei, Sohaib Samir Majzoub, Juan Martinez, Nicole McFarlane, Samuel Palermo, Seongmo Park, Andreas Pedross-Engel, Maarten Vertregt, Guanghui Wen, James Wieser, Jumie Yuventi, Shaoyong Zheng

October 2017: Felix Antreich, Sergio Bampi, Jihwan Choi, Alexandru Ciubotaru, Robert Clarke, Kevin Cosgrove, Marc Dandin, Antonio De La Serna, Joao Ferreira,Jonas Fritzin, Gernot Hueber, Iris Hui-Ru Jiang, Jin-Ku Kang, Ji-Hoon Kim, Seok-Yoon Kim, Gian Domenico Licciardo, Patrick Mercier, Farshad Moradi, Robert Ogg, Kishore Prabhala, Andrew Riel, Marcio Schneider, Jae-sun Seo, Dan Shi, Taizo Suzuki, Ioannis Syllaios, Tong Boon Tang, Jun Tao, Hannes Topfer, Tsung-Heng Tsai, David Wentzloff, Dag Wisland, Jiangfeng Wu, Hai-Gang Yang, Xuan Zeng, Milin Zhang

November 2017: Olujide Adeniran, Laleh Behjat, Glenn Bischof, Valentina Cecchi, Kheong Sann Chan, Jonathan Chisum, Francois-Xavier Coudoux, Antoine Frappe, Ryuichi Fujimoto, Mohamed Helaoui, Celso Setsuo Kurashima, Chun-Yu Lin, Andre Mariano, Slobodan Milijevic, Arifuddin Mohammed, Laleh Najafizadeh, Umit Ogras, Stefano Pietri, Antonello Rizzi, Prashant Sawkar, Rufus Scott, Fulvio Spagna, Zhichao Tan, Yiorgos Tsiatouhas, Yang Yang, Zhengya Zhang