As voted on and approved in the CAS BoG meeting in November 2014, CAS-FEST is now under the direction of the CAS Long Term Strategy Committee. CAS-FEST may not occur every year but will be determined by the committee if it is appropriate for it take place based on current trends in the Circuits & Systems community.

CAS-FEST Information

  1. A call for proposals for CAS-FEST will be issued at least two years before the associated ISCAS (when applicable). The forum is organized in a single track, to intensively cover one focus area.. CAS-FEST is envisioned by the CAS Society as a high-impact, high-quality technical forum.
  2. A technical committee will be appointed to be in charge of the CAS-FEST event at ISCAS ensuring the goal of matching the quality of the accepted papers with high quality of presentations. It is required that the presenter of each paper, who must be identified upon submission, should be the most experienced author of the paper. A student may be the first author of a submitted paper, but the paper must be presented by their advisor, unless all authors are students.
  3. Guest editor(s) will be appointed for a JETCAS issue based on papers presented at CAS-FEST. The CAS-FEST technical committee may also be guest editors of the JETCAS issue.

CAS-FEST Organization

  1. CAS-FEST is included in ISCAS as a part of the tutorial program similar to a full-day tutorial session, when it is being held.
  2. The general chair of CAS-FEST is the CAS Long Term Strategy Committee Chair.
  3. The technical content of CAS-FEST is managed by the CAS Long Term Strategy Committee. The committee will have full responsibility of the technical content and is expected to provide high-quality presentations attracting attendees.
  4. The Long Term Strategy Committee with work with the ISCAS organizers on location, registration, local arrangements, and budget items. There are no proceedings to be taken care of.
  5. Registration fees should at least cover all costs and may even provide a surplus to the ISCAS budget with increasing popularity. However, CAS-FEST fees are recommended to track the actual costs of local arrangements.
  6. Registration fees for CAS-FEST speakers should follow the policies applied for tutorial speakers in general.
  7. The Long Term Strategy Committee is expected to organize CAS-FEST without any additional expenses. However, CAS will evaluate requirements for support of special efforts making CAS-FEST more attractive for attendees (such as a webcast). The Long Term Strategy Committee chair should apply for such funding though the CASS VP-Financial Activities and CASS VP-Conferences.
  8. The high quality of CAS-FEST is strengthened by CAS-FEST papers that will be published in the JETCAS journal by guest editors appointed by the Long Term Strategy Committee.