Congratulations to the 2017 CAS Society Class of IEEE Fellows! Thank you for your many contributions to IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

Phillip Pace
for leadership in radar signal processing, receiver design, and direction finding architectures

Ce Zhu
for contributions to video coding and communications

Sorin Cotofana
for contributions to nanocomputing architectures and paradigms

Kuen-jong Lee
for contributions to low-cost testing of digital VLSI circuits

Yu Cao
for development of predictive technology models for reliable circuit and system integration

Lap-pui Chau
for contributions to fast computation algorithms for visual signal processing

Salvatore Pennisi
for contributions to multistage CMOS operational amplifiers

Zhihua Wang
for contributions to circuits and microsystems for medical applications

Shuicheng Yan
for contributions to subspace learning and visual classification

Junichi Nakamura
for leadership in CMOS image sensors

Michael Gard
for contributions to instrumentation-and-measurement technology for petroleum exploration, computed tomography, and underground construction

Kenji Itoh
for contributions to microwave harmonic mixers and applications to mobile terminal devices

Donald Lie
for contributions to high linearity and high-efficiency silicon RF power amplifiers for broadband wireless applications

Juri Jatskevich
for contributions to modeling of electric machines and switching converters

Ricardo De Queiroz
for contributions to image and video signal enhancement and compression

Enrico Magli
for contributions to compression and communication of remotely sensed imagery

Panos Nasiopoulos
for leadership in DVD authoring and digital multimedia technologies

Ying Wu
for contributions to motion analysis and pattern discovery in computer vision

Payam Heydari
for contributions to silicon-based millimeter-wave integrated circuits and systems

Deog-kyoon Jeong
for development of Digital Video Interface and High Definition Multimedia Interface standards

Borivoje Nikolic
for contributions to energy-efficient design of digital and mixed signal circuits

Kiyoung Choi
for contribution to low-power, real-time, and reconfigurable systems

Xin Li
for contributions to modeling, analysis, and optimization of variability of integrated circuits and systems

Weiping Shi
for contributions to modeling and design of VLSI interconnects

Younsoo Shin
for contributions to design tools for low power, high-speed VLSI circuits and systems

Andrei Vladimirescu
for contributions to the development and commercial adoption of SPICE circuit simulation