About ASPTC (tentative)

The Analog Signal Processing Technical Committee is a special interest group within the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society whose interests include theoretical, analytical, design and practical realization of analog circuits and systems and related fields, including contemporary and emerging circuits and systems. 

Vision (tentative)

The Analog Signal Processing Technical Committee (ASPTC):

   is a special interest group who coordinate, harmonize and facilitate interests in theoretical and applied/practical analog circuits and systems technology; and

 … identifies key technological trends, researches, develops and translates analog circuits and systems from fundamental/theoretical engineering science to final end-products for the betterment of humankind.

Mission (tentative)

To promote analog circuits and systems amongst the global scientific and engineering communities, including academia and industry, and to be recognized for key contributions towards technological innovation and excellence

Areas of Interest

Emerging areas for analog are displayed below. Each area represents a new mixed-signal research opportunity, building off past successes to create new tools, circuit architectures, and design methods.

  • Power Management
  • Energy Efficient Architectures
  • Time-Domain Processing
  • Ultra-High-Speed Analog Signal Processing
  • Digitally Assisted/Calibrated Analog Circuits
  • Adaptive Analog Circuits

Members‘ Expertise

  • RF circuits & System
  • RF energy Harvesting
  • Analog & mixed-signal integrated  Circuit and Systems
  • Printed Electronics
  • Organic Electronics
  • High Speed Switching Power Amplifier
  • Supply Modulator
  • Class D Amplifiers
  • Microwave Active and Passive Circuits
  • Sigma delta modulation
  • Data Conversion
  • Time encoding in signal processing
  • Low-power analog integrated circuits for wearable and implantable biomedical devices and RF and UWB communications
  • Bio-inspired electronics, biosignal conditioning / detection, neuroprosthetics, transcutaneous wireless communication, power management and energy harvesting
  • Design of analog integrated circuits including amplifiers, filters, data converters. Design and Test of analog and mixed-signal circuits with specific emphasis on embedded test circuits.
  • High-speed high-resolution AD/DA converters, audio/video codec, low-power ICs for IoTs.
  • Sensor Interface IC Design
  • Power Management IC Design
  • Analog & RF IC design, modeling & optimization, Digital RF architectures, Mixed-signal circuits, Advanced frequency synthesis, Biomedical instrumentation, On-chip interconnect networks