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The Analog Signal Processing committee of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society focuses on the theory, analysis, design, and practical implementation of analog circuits, and the application of analog circuit theoretic techniques to system and signal processing, ranging from basic scientific theory to industrial application.


As designers strive for better systems using less power and fewer components, CMOS scaling has changed the nature of the design. New devices require creative circuits to overcome limited dynamic range, extreme process and environmental variations, and challenges of power and thermal management. In parallel, scaling offer benefits of higher ft, lower capacitance, and dense integration, making new research directions possible.


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Areas of Interest

Emerging areas for analog are displayed below. Each area represents a new mixed-signal research opportunity, building off past successes to create new tools, circuit architectures, and design methods.

  • Power Management
  • Energy Efficient Architectures
  • Time-Domain Processing
  • Ultra-High-Speed Analog Signal Processing
  • Digitally Assisted/Calibrated Analog Circuits
  • Adaptive Analog Circuits

Strategic Areas

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