CANDE (Computer-Aided Network DEsign) Committee

The CANDE (Computer-Aided Network DEsign) Committee is a technical activity of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society and IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation which acts as a working group for electronic computer-aided design. The CANDE Committee holds a yearly workshop to discuss advanced issues relevant to the CAD community, bringing together practitioners, researchers, and managers from industry and academia.

The CANDE workshop is a working meeting, as opposed to a conference or symposium. Everyone who attends is expected to interact, so it is kept small by design. All sessions are interactive, by tradition and in practice, and dominated by discussion and not slides. To further encourage long-range and open discussion, no proceedings are published and no recordings of sessions are allowed.

CANDE community members take an active part in identifying topics and organizing sessions. Planning sessions for the workshop are held at DAC and ICCAD each year. Attendance at the CANDE workshop is open to all EDA/CAD professionals. Members of the CAD community are encouraged to contact the chair for more information.

The best known result from the CANDE workshops are their 5-year predictions of topics of interest to the EDA community.

CANDE 2013: Call for Participation
Monday, June 3, 2013 6:15PM,
Room 7 on 4th floor
Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX

This is a call for participants for the next planning meeting of CANDE, scheduled for 6:15 – 7:30pm, June 3rd at Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas. No registration is required. You’re welcome to join us in Room 7 (4th floor) to meet and take part in discussions with the 2013 CANDE officers. Light refreshments will be provided.


Are you a CAD professional who would like to find out more about CANDE? Please contact CANDE officers below.

CANDE Officers for 2012-2013

Farinaz Koushanfar

Gi-Joon Nam

Deming Chen

Past Chair
Priyank Kalla

Zhiru Zhang