Zicheng Liu 

Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA Phone: +1(425)703-9662 Email: 
Research interests: Human activity understanding from 2D and 3D sensors, human action recogntion, gesture recogntion, face modeling, human computer interaction.


Shao-Yi Chien 
National Taiwan University, Taiwan Phone: +886-2-33663668 
Research interests: Multimedia signal processing systems, multimedia VLSI design, video IoT, and System-on-a-Chip design methodology.

Active TC Members

The active members are those who submit annual technical activity reports to the Chairman with sufficient technical activities related to the MSATC. The MSATC members, who are not active member for 3 consecutive years, will be removed from the TC. However, those inactive MSTAC members need to be informed by the Chairman before the removing process.

Technical Committee Members


Anthony Vetro Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs, Cambridge, USA Phone: +1-617-621-7591 Webpage: Research interests:multimedia signal processing, image/video compression, 3D video, biometric security.

Benoit Huet

Benoit Huet MEURECOM Sophia-Antipolis, France  Webpage: Research interests:Multimedia Content Analysis, Mining and Indexing, Multimodal Fusion, Socially-Aware Multimedia, Machine Learning and Intelligence.

C.-C. Jay Kuo_36_48

C.-C. Jay Kuo University of Southern California Email: cckuo@sipi.usc.eduPhone: +1-213-740-4658 Webpage: Research interests: Visual Communications, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

Ce Chu University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China Email: Phone: +86-28-61830659 Webpage: Research interests: image/video coding, streaming and processing, 3D video, visual perception and applications

Cha Zhang Microsoft Research Email: Phone: +1-425-706-5751 Webpage: Research interest: multimedia signal processing, machine learning, computer vision, immersive telecommunication, affective computing


Chia-Wen Lin National Tsing Hua University Phone: +886(3)573-1152 Webpage: Research interests: Video Streaming over the Internet and Wireless Networks,Context-Aware Video Adaptation,MPEG and H.26x codec optimization,Video Inpainting and Manipulation,Image/Video Forgery Detection,Video Indexing & Retrieval,Sports Video Analysis.


Ching-Yung Lin IBM Watson Research Center, USA Phone: +19149451897 Email: Webpage: Interests: large-scale multimodality signal understanding, network graph computing, and computational social & cognitive sciences, security, commerce, and collaboration.


Enrico Magli Dept. of Electronics, Politecnico di Torino (Italy) Webpage: Research Interests: Image and video compression and communication


Feng Wu University of Science & Technology of China, China


Homer Chen National Taiwan University Phone: +886-2-33663549 Webpage: Interests: multimedia signal processing, multimedia communications, and applications to digital camera, digital camcorder, digital home, multimeida indexing and retrieval, P2P IPTV, and social network services

Ivan V. Bajic Simon Fraser University Phone: +1-778-782-7159 Webpage: Research interests: Multimedia signal processing, coding, and communications; multimedia ergonomics

Jian Zhang University of Technology, Sydney Email: Research Interests: Image/Video Processing, Computer vision, Machine Learning, social multimedia processing

Jingdong Wang

Jingdong Wang Microsoft Research, Beijing, China Email: Webpage: Research Interests: deep learning; large-scale indexing; object recognition, detection and segmentation; human understanding; and person re-identification


Junsong Yuan Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Phone: +65 6790 4016 Email: Webpage: Research interests: Computer Vision, Video Analytics, Large-Scale Visual Search and Mining, Statistical Learning and Pattern Recognition, Vision based Human Computer Interaction, Biomedical Image Analysis and Applications

Lei Zhang

Lei Zhang Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA  Email: Webpage: Research Interests: large scale visual recognition, pattern recognition, objection detection, multimedia content analysis, indexing and retrieval.


Lexing Xie Australia National University Phone: +61 (0)2 6125 1646Email: Webpage: Research Interests: Multimedia understanding and retrieval,Social media tracking and modeling,Machine learning and applications

 Luciano Agostini

Luciano Volcan Agostini Federal University of Pelotas , Brazil Email: Webpage: Research Interests: 2D and 3D video coding, algorithmic optimization, multimedia, arithmetic circuits, FPGA based design and microelectronics.


Maria Trocan Institut Supérieur d’Électronique de Paris (ISEP), France Email:


Marta Mrak BBC, R&D Department, UK
Email: Webpage: Research interests: Multimedia signal processing, image/video coding and distribution, ultra high definition content, big media data analytics, user generated content


Ming-Ting Sun University of Washington Email: sun@ee.washington.eduWebpage: Research interests: Next generation video coding, transcoding Machine learning, multi-modal signal processing, surveillance, health care 3D object modeling and 3D video processing


Mladen Berekovic Technische Universitat Braunschweig Phone: +49 531/391-3166 Email: Webpage: Research interests: Chip design, embedded computing

 22.3.2011 Tampere TTY, professori, Moncef Gabbouj.

Moncef Gabbouj Tampere University, Finland Phone: +358 3 3115 3967Email: Webpage: interests: multimedia content-based analysis, indexing and retrieval, machine learning, nonlinear signal and image processing and analysis, voice conversion, and video processing and coding


Nam Ling Department of Computer Engineering, Santa Clara University Webpage: Research interests: Video coding, rate control, motion estimation, visual communications, depth coding, intra prediction, H.264/AVC, HEVC, 3D-HEVC.


Nicu Sebe University of Trento Email: Webpage: Research interests: audio-visual search, content analysis, machine learning


Oscar Chi-Lim Au Dept of ECE, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Email: eeau90@GMAIL.COM Webpage: Research interests: video/image coding and processing, H.264, HEVC, watermarking, motion estimation, rate control, mode decision, transcoding, denoising, deinterlacing, post-processing, multi-view coding, view interpolation, depth estimation, 3DTV, subpixel rendering, HDR imaging, sparse processing, halftone imaging, GPU-processing, software-hardware co-design.


Pascal Frossard Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL, Switzerland Email: pascal.frossard@EPFL.CH Webpage: Research interests:image processing, analysis and communication, 3DTV, interactive communication, graph signal processing.

Pau-Choo (Julia) Chung Institute of Computer and Communication Engineering, National Cheng Kung University Phone: +886-6-275-7575ext.62373 Email: Webpage: Research Interests: Image analysis and pattern recognition, computer vision,video image processing/analysis, neural networks,telemedicine, and multimedia processing


Qi Tian Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
Webpage:                    Research Interests: multimedia search, computer vision, machine learning


Rongshan Yu Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore


Sen-ching “Samson” Cheung University of Kentucky, USA Webpage: Research interests: image processing, human behavior understanding, autism, privacy & security, networking.

Shao-Yi Chien National Taiwan University, Taiwan Phone: +886-2-33663668 Webpage: interests: Multimedia signal processing systems, multimedia VLSI design, and System-on-a-Chip design methodology.


Shipeng Li Microsoft Research Asia Email: Webpage: Research interests: image and video coding; multimedia streaming and communications over the internet and wireless networks; scalable multimedia representation; wireless and mobile systems; content-based image and video analysis; multimedia search; P2P networking and streaming; digital right management; web-based media technologies and systems; media advertisement; eHealth systems



Susanto Rahardja Institute for Infocomm Research, A*STAR, Singapore Webpage: Research interests: multimedia signal processing and interactive digital media


Tao Mei Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China Email: tmei@microsoft.comWebpage: Research interests: multimedia analysis and retrieval, and computer vision

 Tong Zhang 

Tong Zhang Intel, USA  Email: tong2.zhang@intel.comWebpage: Research interests: Multimedia content analysis, Machine learning, Face recognition, Audio processing


Touradj Ebrahimi EPFL Email: Webpage: Research interests: still, moving, and 3D image processing and coding, visual information security (rights protection, watermarking, authentication, data integrity, steganography), new media, and human computer interfaces (smart vision, brain computer interface).

Weisi Lin 

Weisi Lin Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Email: Research interests: perceptual modeling and evaluation of visual signals, video compression, multimedia signal processing


Wen-Huang Cheng Academia Sinica Email: Research interests: Multimedia content analysis; Computer vision; Mobile and social multimedia computing; Multimedia big data; Human computer interaction

Wenjun Zeng University of Missouri Email: Webpage: Research Interests: Multimedia communications and networking, security, social multimedia, mobile-cloud computing


Wenwu Zhu Department of Computer Science, Tsinghua University, China Email: Webpage: Research interests: multimedia communications and networking, multimedia cloud computing, social multimedia computing.


Winston Hsu National Taiwan University, Taiwan Email: Research interests:large-scale image/video retrieval, social media mining/ recommendation, multimedia analytics, and mobile and cloud-based multimedia


Xian-Sheng Hua Microsoft Research, USA Email: xshua@microsoft.comWebpage: Research interests: multimedia search, advertising, understanding, and mining, as well as pattern recognition and machine learning


Xiao-Ping Zhang Ryerson University, Canada Email: xzhang@ee.ryerson.caWebpage: Research interests: Multimedia Signal/Content Processing and Communications, Signal/Information Processing for Finance, Economics and Marketing, Signal Processing for Communications and Sensor Networks, Wavelets, Filterbanks and Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Analysis


Xiaoyan Sun Microsoft Research Asia, China Email: xysun@microsoft.comWebpage: Research interests: image processing, video coding, and computer vision.


Yap-Peng Tan Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Email:eyptan@NTU.EDU.SG Webpage: interests: Content-based image/video analysis,Multimedia computing,Image/video processing and coding, Color science and imaging technology, Computer vision and pattern recognition, Statistical signal processing, Information security


Ying Li IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, USA Phone: +19149451934 Email: Webpage: interests: content-based image processing, analysis and retrieval; video content segmentation, indexing and annotation; multimedia applications; e-learning; data mining, pattern analysis and computer vision, service operations, management and analytics, consumer modeling and computational creativity.


Yong Rui Microsoft Research, Beijing, China Phone: +86 10 5917 4787Email: Webpage: Research interests: Multimedia analysis, indexing and retrieval, knowledge mining, big data, social computing.


Zhenzhong Chen Wuhan University, Wuhan, China Webpage: interests: visual perception, image processing, multimedia communications, and intelligent systems

Zhu Li 

Zhu Li University of Missouri, Kansas City Email: Webpage: Research interests: multimedia signal processing, image analysis and recognition, video/point cloud compression and multimedia communication systems.


Zicheng Liu Microsoft Research, Redmond, USA Phone: +1(425)703-9662 Email: Webpage: interests: Human activity understanding from 2D and 3D sensors, human action recogntion, gesture recogntion, face modeling, human computer interaction.

Emeritus Members

Our emeritus members are listed here.