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TC Chair: Prof.  Baris Taskin

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TC Chair: Prof. Baris Taskin

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TC Chair-Elect/Secretary: Prof. Emre Salman

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TC Chair: Prof. Baris Taskin

How to become a member of the TC?

Any prospective member can be nominated by one of the VSA TC members. The nominator should send resume or biography of the nominee to Chair-Elect/Secretary at least one month before the annual TC meeting, who will circulate the information to the members for voting. The voting may be carried out at the TC meeting during ISCAS or can be conducted electronically.

How to request VSA-TC endorsement for a conference?

The endorsement of a TC, such the VSA-TC, is a requirement for CASS (co-)sponsored conferences, as explained at the conference organizer resources section of CASS.  VSA Technical committee provides endorsement for select conferences that maintain a high standard of quality in covering topic areas relevant to the VSA-TC. 

In order to request VSA-TC endorsement for a conference, please complete the following form: