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Distinguished Lecturer Program (DLP) Current Lecturers

Below are the contact information and terms of the current IEEE Circuits and Systems (CAS) DLP speakers.

The abstract(s) of the Distinguished Lectures and speaker biographies are available for the PDF icon2016-2017 and PDF icon2017-2018 terms.

If you are interested in inviting a DLP speaker to your region, please get in touch with your local IEEE-CAS chapter chair. Your chapter chair will contact the DLP chair to make arrangements for sponsoring a DLP lecture. Please remember to check the Education page for the latest updates.

PhotoSpeakerTermTitle of Lecture(s)
Arindam Basu75Arindam Basu
2016-2017Lecture #1: Designing Low-power “Intelligent” Chips in the face of Statistical Variations of Nanoscale Devices: The Neuromorphic Solution
Meng-Fan (Marvin) Chang mfchang@ee.nthu.edu.tw2017-2018

Lecture #1: Challenges in Circuits and Systems for Emerging Memory Based Energy-Efficient Intelligent Electronics
Lecture #2: Challenges and Trends of Memory Circuit Designs for Energy-Efficient IoT Devices"

jie_chen75Jie Chen
2016-2017Lecture #1: Designing and micro/nano-fabricating portable impedance-based point-of-care biosensors
Lecture #2: Developing pulsed wave instruments for renewable biofuel and therapeutic applications
Tutorial #1: Engineering of Nanobiotechnological Systems
yenkuangchen75Yen-Kuang Chen
2016-2017Lecture #1: Challenges and Opportunities of circuits and systems on Internet of Things
Lecture #2: Perpetual Wireless Video Camera for Internet-of-Things
Jose M. de la Rosa jrosa@imse-cnm.csic.es2017-2018

Lecture #1: Next-Generation Sigma-Delta Converters: Trends and Challenges in a Digital-Driven World
Tutorial #2: Designing Sigma-Delta Data Converters: From Theory Foundations to Chip Implementation"

Mario-75Mario Di Bernardo
2016-2017Lecture #1: Self-organizing control and synchronization of complex networks
Lecture #2: From power converters to walking robots: analysis, bifurcations and control of piecewise-smooth circuits and systems
Julius Georgiou 75Julius Georgiou
2016-2017Lecture #1: Microelectronic Systems for Improved Quality of Life
Lecture #2: A Fluoroscopic Cancer Screening Capsule for the Small Intestine

Pantelis Georgiou pantelis@imperial.ac.uk


Lecture #1: The Bio-Inspired Artificial Pancreas for Treatment of Diabetes
Tutorial #2: CMOS Design for DNA Detection Using Ion-Sensitive Field Effect Transistors

Bah-Hwee Gwee ebhgwee@ntu.edu.sg


Lecture #1: Secured Microchip Design: Side Channel Attack and its Countermeasure
Lecture #2: Randomized Modulation for Low-Harmonics Low-Noise Switched-Mode DC-DC Converters"

Tsung-Yi Ho75Tsung-Yi Ho
2016-2017Lecture #1: The Coming of Age of Microfluidics: Connecting Algorithms and Foundations of Chip Design to Biochemistry and the Life Sciences
Lecture #2: Design Automation, Test, Error Recovery: Toward Secure, Dependable, and Adaptive Large-Scale Lab-on-Chip (LOC) Systems
Ebroul Izquierdo75Ebroul Izquierdo
2016-2017Lecture #1: Face Recognition in the Wild
Lecture #2: Visual Information Retrieval: From Machine Vision to Human Computation
Kenneth Jenkins jenkins@engr.psu.edu2017-2018

Lecture #1: Current Practices and Future Research Directions in Adaptive Signal Processing
Lecture #2: Arithmetic vs. Algorithmic Fault Tolerance for Highly Scaled VLSI Signal Processors
Lecture #3: Design and Performance of Adaptive Systems Based on Bio-Inspired Optimization Strategies
Lecture #4: The Wild Historical Tug-a-War: “DSP Theory versus IC Technology”

Weisi Lin75Weisi Lin
2016-2017Lecture #1: Just-Noticeable Difference (JND) Formulation: Turning Limitations of Human Senses into System Advantages
Tutorial #1: Perception-driven Visual Signal Modeling, Evaluation and Processing
Shih-Chii LiuShih-Chii Liu
2016-2017Lecture #1: Event-Based Auditory Processing with Spiking Silicon Cochleas and Deep Networks
Lecture #2: Event-Based Auditory Processing with Spiking Silicon Cochleas and Deep Networks
Sanjit Mitra mitra@ece.ucsb.edu2017-2018

Lecture #1: Structural Interpretations of Stability Tests of Linear Systems
Lecture #2: Structural Subband Decomposition: A New Concept in Digital Signal Processing

Riccardo Rovatti riccardo.rovatti@unibo.it2017-2018

Lecture #1: Adapted Compressed Sensing for IoT Applications
Lecture #2: Zero-Cost Security for Embedded Systems by Compressed Sensing

Gabor Temes gabor.temes@oregonstate.edu2017-2018

Lecture #1: Multi-Step Incremental Analog-to-Digital Converters for Ultra-Low-Power Applications
Lecture #2: Pseudo-pseudo Differential Circuits

Lexing Xie75Lexing Xie
2016-2017Lecture #1: An Anatomy of Social Media Popularity
Lecture #2: Understanding of Images and Language with Knowledge and Styles
Hao Yu haoyu@ntu.edu.sg2017-2018

Lecture #1: Machine-learning Enhanced Biomedical Data Analytics for Point-of-care Diagnosis System
Lecture #2: CMOS Integrated Lab-on-a-chip System for Personalized DNA Sequencing

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