The IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Bylaws provide that five new members shall be elected annually to the Board of Governors. The names of the 17 nominees listed on the ballot were submitted by the Nominations Committee. Biographical sketches are available on the CAS website here. On the ballot card, candidates are listed in randomized order, no preference is intended. This year’s election continues to offer an electronic balloting option. If you would like to cast your ballot electronically you will need your IEEE Account username/password. If you do not remember your account information, you may retrieve it on the voter login page. Cast your ballot electronically by using the URL below to access the ballot through the Internet and cast your vote now.

Please vote for UP TO FIVE candidates. Ballots must be received no later than Monday, 16 October 2017. Any votes received after this date will not be counted. The online voting site will close at 4:00 pm Eastern Time 16 October 2017. If you have any questions about the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society voting process, please contact or +1 732 562 3904.