Dear IEEE CASS Members

I am pleased to announce the publication of the next issue of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Newsletter (

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Chi K. (Michael) Tse



President’s and Past President’s Messages

  • President’s Message — Yong Lian
  • Past President's Message — Franco Maloberti

Society News

  • IEEE Distinguished Lecturer Program — Elvis Mak
  • Recognitions — Robert Adams, IEEE CASS Member, Elected to NAE 2018 Class
  • The New IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Resource Center

Publication News

  • Submission to IEEE Control Systems Letters with CDC (2018) option is now possible
  • Latest Tables of Contents of CAS Sponsored Journals
  • Recent and Upcoming Special Issues of CAS Sponsored Journals

Call for Papers & Invitations

  • IEEE ISCAS 2018, Florence, Italy (May 2018)
  • IEEE NEWCAS, Montréal, Canada (June 2018)
  • RFIC 2018, Philadelphia, PA, USA (June 2018)
  • IEEE ISVLSI 2018, Hong Kong (July 2018)
  • SBCCI 2018, Rio Grande Do Sul, Brazil (August 2018)
  • IEEE ISICAS 2018, Taormina, Italy (September 2018)
  • IEEE BioCAS 2018, Cleveland, Ohio, USA (October 2018)