January 2018, Volume 65, Issue 1

Analog and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems

A Nano-Watt MOS-Only Voltage Reference With High-Slope PTAT Voltage Generators
Hong Zhang; Xipeng Liu; Jie Zhang; Hongshuai Zhang; Jijun Li ;Ruizhi Zhang; Shuai Chen; Anthony Chan Carusone

Design of Low-Power Low-Area Tunable Active RC Filters
Amirhossein Rasekh; M. Sharif Bakhtiar

Voltage and Current Selector-Based Biasing Topology for Multiple Supply Voltage Circuits
Sri Navaneeth Easwaran; Shanmuganand Chellamuthu; Sunil Kashyap Venugopal; Robert Weigel

Digital Background Calibration With Histogram of Decision Points in Pipelined ADCs
Peyman Gholami; Mohammad Yavari

A Differential Quantizer-Based Error Feedback Modulator for Analog-to-Digital Converters
A. V. Jos Prakash; Babita R. Jose; Jimson Mathew; Bijoy A. Jose

A Sub-Microwatt Class-AB Super Buffer: Frequency Compensation for Settling-Time Improvement
Pakorn Prasopsin; Woradorn Wattanapanitch

Integrated Circuit for Super-Regenerative Low-Frequency Amplification
Robert Rieger; Nanang Sulistiyanto

A 37- μW, Binary-Weighted PGA Based on a Novel Degeneration Transistor-Ladder
Hassan Faraji Baghtash

An Energy-Efficient DAC Switching Method for SAR ADCs
Tayebeh Yousefi; Alireza Dabbaghian; Mohammad Yavari

Circuits and Systems for Communications 

Hardware Implementation of the Compressed Beamforming Weights Calculation for the Practical Wireless MIMO-OFDM Communication System
Tsung-Hsien Liu; Yu-Jie Chen; Yi-Kuang Ko; Yang-Cheng Lin; Yuan-Sun Chu

Design and Multiplierless Realization of Maximally Flat Sharpened-CIC Compensators 
Goran Molnar; Aljosa Dudarin; Mladen Vucic

A Simple Planar Dual-Band Bandpass Filter With Multiple Transmission Poles and Zeros 
Yongle Wu; Liwei Cui; Zheng Zhuang; Weimin Wang; Yuanan Liu

A Delay Relaxed RLS-DCD Algorithm for Real-Time Implementation 
Geonu Kim; Hyuk Lee; Jinjoo Chung; Jungwoo Lee

Temporal Coverage Analysis for Dynamic Verification
Min Zhou; William N. N. Hung; Xiaoyu Song; Ming Gu; Jiaguang Sun

Control Theory and Systems 

Continuous Output Feedback TSM Control for Uncertain Systems With a DC–AC Inverter Example
Zhenhua Zhao; Jun Yang; Shihua Li; Xinghuo Yu; Zuo Wang

Power Systems and Electronic Circuits 

A Single-Stage LED Driver With High-Performance Primary-Side-Regulated Characteristic
Yijie Wang; Shu Zhang; J. Marcos Alonso; Xiaosheng Liu; Dianguo Xu

Mechanical Contact-Less Computational Speed Sensing Approach of PWM Operated PMDC Brushed Motor: A Slotting-Effect and Commutation Phenomenon Incorporated Semi-Analytical Dynamic Model-Based Approach
Suman Ghosh; Mousam Ghosh; Goutam Kumar Panda; Pradip Kumar Saha

Control Theory and Systems 

Frequency Limited Model Reduction Techniques With Error Bounds
Muhammad Imran; Abdul Ghafoor; Muhammad Imran

Digital Circuits and Systems and VLSI 

An Efficient and Reconfigurable Synchronous Neuron Model
Hamid Soleimani; E. M. Drakakise

A Multi-Chain Merged Tapped Delay Line for High Precision Time-to-Digital Converters in FPGAs
Yonggang Wang; Qiang Cao; Chong Liu

A Two-Step Sensing Circuit for the Hysteresis Loop Selector-Based Resistive Non-Volatile Memory Arrays
Kejie Huang; Wei He; Rong Zhao

Decimal Full Adders Specially Designed for Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata
Dariush Abedi; Ghassem Jaberipur

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems 

Flux–Charge Memristor Model for Phase Change Memory
Jacopo Secco; Fernando Corinto; Abu Sebastian

Robustness of Interdependent Power Grids and Communication Networks: A Complex Network Perspective
Zhenhao Chen; Jiajing Wu; Yongxiang Xia; Xi Zhang

Multiple Scale Approach to Dynamics of an LC Circuit With a Charge-Controlled Memristor
Kristopher J. Chandía; Mauro Bologna; Bernardo Tellini

Signal Processing 

A Quadratically Constrained Stochastic Gradient Algorithm for Beamforming in Mobile Communications
Ciro André Pitz; Eduardo Luiz Ortiz Batista; Rui Seara

Optimized Reconfigurable Fast Convolution-Based Transmultiplexers for Flexible Radio Access
Juha Yli-Kaakinen; Markku Renfors

New Receding Horizon FIR Estimator for Blind Smart Sensing of Velocity via Position Measurements
Choon Ki Ahn; Yuriy S. Shmaliy