October 2017, Volume 64, Issue 10

An Ultralow Power Time-Domain Temperature Sensor With Time-Domain Delta–Sigma TDC
Wonjong Song ; Junan Lee ; Nayeon Cho ; Jinwook Burm

A 17.4-b Delta-Sigma Capacitance-to-Digital Converter for One-Terminal Capacitive Sensors
Youngjae Jung ; Quanzhen Duan ; Jeongjin Roh

Charge-Controlled Oscillators and Their Application in Frequency Synthesis
Roohie Kaushik ; Shouri Chatterjee ; G. S. Visweswaran

Analog and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems

A 5-GHz Subsampling PLL-Based Spread-Spectrum Clock Generator by Calibrating the Frequency Deviation
Sang-Geun Bae ; Gyungmin Kim ; Chulwoo Kim

A Hybrid Inductive-Ultrasonic Link for Wireless Power Transmission to Millimeter-Sized Biomedical Implants
Miao Meng ; Mehdi Kiani

High-Resolution SAR ADC With Enhanced Linearity
Hua Fan ; Franco Maloberti

Capless LDO Regulator Achieving −76 dB PSR and 96.3 fs FOM
Seong Jin Yun ; Jeong Seok Yun ; Yong Sin Kim

A Self-Calibrated Cryogenic Current Cell for 4.2 K Current Steering D/A Converters
Md Tanvir Rahman ; Torsten Lehmann

Passive Loop Filter Assistance for CTSDMs
Dries Vercaemer ; Johan Raman ; Pieter Rombouts

Temperature-Compensated β -Multiplier Current Reference Circuit
Dmitry Osipov ; Steffen Paul

Circuits and Systems for Communications

Selective Sampling Versus Attenuation for Interference Mitigation in Broadband Receivers
Robert W. Jackson

Fast Startup of LC VCOs Using Circuit Asymmetries
Joshua H. Kim ; Ali Tazarv ; Michael M. Green

Multitone ACLR and Its Applications to Linear PA Design
Haoyu Qian ; Jose Silva-Martinez

High Selectivity Wideband Balanced Filters With Multiple Transmission Zeros
Wenjie Feng ; Xin Gao ; Wenquan Che ; Wanchen Yang ; Quan Xue

Control Theory and Systems 

An Efficient Algorithm for Optimally Reshaping the TP Model Transformation
Xiangdong Liu ; Yin Yu ; Zhen Li ; Herbert H. C. Iu ; Tyrone Fernando

Fixed-Time Connectivity-Preserving Distributed Average Tracking for Multiagent Systems
Huifen Hong ; Wenwu Yu ; Xinghuo Yu ; Guanghui Wen ; Ahmed Alsaedi

Power Systems and Electronic Circuits 

A Novel CH5 Inverter for Single-Phase Transformerless Photovoltaic System Applications
Xiaoqiang Guo

A Sizing Methodology for Rise-Time Minimization of Dickson Charge Pumps With Capacitive Loads
Ahmed Saeed ; Sameh Ibrahim ; Hani Fikry Ragai

A 2-Gb/s/ch Data-Dependent Swing-Limited On-Chip Signaling for Single-Ended Global I/O in SDRAM
Jungtaek You ; Junyoung Song ; Chulwoo Kim

Digital Circuits and Systems and VLSI 

Novel Structure for Area-Efficient Implementation of FIR Filters
Xin Lou ; Pramod Kumar Meher ; Yajun Yu ; Wenbin Ye

A Resource-Limited Hardware Accelerator for Convolutional Neural Networks in Embedded Vision Applications
Shayan Moini ; Bijan Alizadeh ; Mohammad Emad ; Reza Ebrahimpour

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems 

Stability of Synchronous Solutions in a Directed Kuramoto-Oscillator Network With a Pacemaker
Pengchun Rao ; Xiang Li ; Maciej J. Ogorzalek

Digital Predistortion Parameter Identification for RF Power Amplifiers Using Real-Valued Output Data
Jessica Chani-Cahuana ; Mustafa Özen ; Christian Fager ; Thomas Eriksson