November 2017, Volume 64, Issue 11

Analog and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems 

The Virtual Trackpad: An Electromyography-Based, Wireless, Real-Time, Low-Power, Embedded Hand-Gesture-Recognition System Using an Event-Driven Artificial Neural Network
Xilin Liu; Jacob Sacks; Milin Zhang; Andrew G. Richardson; Timothy H. Lucas; Jan Van der Spiegel

All-Digital Time-Mode Direct-Form All-Pole Biquadratic Filter Realization
Moataz Abdelfattah; Gordon W. Roberts

On the Mechanisms Governing Spurious Tone Injection in Fractional PLLs
Federico Bizzarri; Angelo Maurizio Brambilla; Sergio Callegarisergio

High-Precision, Mixed-Signal Mismatch Measurement of Metal–Oxide–Metal Capacitors
Danilo Bustamante; Devon Janke; Eric Swindlehurst; Shiuh-Hua Wood Chiang

2-D Optimization Methodology for Reconfigurable Transmitters by Tunable Matching Networks
Jose-Ramon Perez-Cisneros; Jesus de Mingo; Pedro L. Carro; Paloma Garcia-Ducar; Carlos Mateo; Antonio Valdovinos; César Sánchez-Pérez

A 0.31-pJ/bit 20-Gb/s DFE With 1 Discrete Tap and 2 IIR Filters Feedback in 40-nm-LP CMOS
Kuan-Yu Chen; Wei-Yung Chen; Shen-Quan Liu

A 15-V Bidirectional Current Clamp Circuit for Integrated Patch Clamp Electrophysiology
Shanshan Dai; Jacob K. Rosenstein

Adaptive Spur Cancellation Technique in All-Digital Phase-Locked Loops
Rotem Aviv; Michael Kerner; Evgeny Shumaker; Giuseppe Li Puma; Tami Sela; Lidor Sofer; Gil Horovitz

Circuits and Systems for Communications

A CMOS UHF Harmonic Rejection Transceiver With 2-D LO Phase Calibration for TV White Space Applications
Seunghyeon Kim; Jihoon Sohn; Hyunchol Shin

Design and Performance Analysis of a Differentially Spatial Modulated Chaos Shift Keying Modulation System
Wei Hu; Lin Wang; Georges Kaddoum

Computer-Aided Design and Electronic Design Automation

Real-Time Low-Power FPGA Architecture for Stereo Vision
Luca Puglia; Mario Vigliar; Giancarlo Raiconi

Control Theory and Systems

Resilient Sampled-Data Control for Markovian Jump Systems With an Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Mechanism
R. Sakthivel; Hamid Reza Karimi; Maya Joby; Srimanta Santra

Observability of Multi-Agent Systems With Switching Topology
Zehuan Lu; Lin Zhang; Long Wang

Observer-Based Control of 2-D Markov Jump Systems
Le Van Hien; Hieu Trinh

A Passivity-Preserving Frequency-Weighted Model Order Reduction Technique
Umair Zulfiqar; Waseem Tariq; Li Li; Muwahida Liaquat

Digital Circuits and Systems and VLSI

Energy-Efficient Design of Processing Element for Convolutional Neural Network
Yeongjae Choi; Dongmyung Bae; Jaehyeong Sim; Seungkyu Choi; Minhye Kim; Lee-Sup Kim

A Fully Serial-In Parallel-Out Digit-Level Finite Field Multiplier in F2m Using Redundant Representation
Parham Hosseinzadeh Namin; Roberto Muscedere; Majid Ahmadi

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

Neuromorphic Architecture With 1M Memristive Synapses for Detection of Weakly Correlated Inputs
Stanisław Woźniak; Angeliki Pantazi; Severin Sidler; Nikolaos Papandreou; Yusuf Leblebici; Evangelos Eleftheriou

Signal Processing

A Novel Conflict-Free Parallel Memory Access Scheme for FFT Processors
Qian-Jian Xing; Zhen-Guo Ma; Ying-Ke Xu

A Continuous-Flow Memory-Based Architecture for Real-Valued FFT
Xiu-Bin Mao; Zhen-Guo Ma; Feng Yu; Qian-Jian Xing