December 2017, Volume 64, Issue 12

Accurate Spectral Testing With Non-Coherent Sampling for Multi-Tone Test
Yuming Zhuang; Degang Chen

Hybrid GC-eDRAM/SRAM Bitcell for Robust Low-Power Operation
Robert German; Adam Teman; Pascal Meinerzhagen

A 4-GS/s Single Channel Reconfigurable Folding Flash ADC for Wireline Applications in 16-nm FinFET
Luke Wang; Marc-Andre LaCroix; Anthony Chan Carusone

Dual-Band Defected Ground Structures Wireless Power Transfer System With Independent External and Inter-Resonator Coupling
Fairus Tahar; Adel Barakat; Redzuan Saad; Kuniaki Yoshitomi; Ramesh K. Pokharel

A 28 Gb/s 1.6 pJ/b PAM-4 Transmitter Using Fractionally Spaced 3-Tap FFE and Gm -Regulated Resistive-Feedback Driver
Haram Ju; Moon-Chul Choi; Gyu-Seob Jeong; Woorham Bae; Deog-Kyoon Jeong

Fully-Parallel Area-Efficient Deep Neural Network Design Using Stochastic Computing
Yi Xie; Siyu Liao; Bo Yuan; Yanzhi Wang; Zhongfeng Wang

A Time-Division Multiplexing Signaling Scheme for Inter-Symbol/Channel Interference Reduction in Low-Power Multi-Drop Memory Links
Gain Kim; Chen Cao; Kiarash Gharibdoust; Armin Tajalli; Yusuf Leblebici

Chopper Capacitively Coupled Instrumentation Amplifier Capable of Handling Large Electrode Offset for Biopotential Recordings
Jiawei Zheng; Wing-Hung Ki; Langyu Hu; Chi-Ying Tsui

Deep Texture Features for Robust Face Spoofing Detection
Gustavo Botelho de Souza; Daniel Felipe da Silva Santos; Rafael Gonçalves Pires; Aparecido Nilceu Marana; João Paulo Papa

Maximization of Crossbar Array Memory Using Fundamental Memristor Theory
Jason K. Eshraghian; Kyoung-Rok Cho; Herbert H. C. Iu; Tyrone Fernando; Nicolangelo Iannella; Sung-Mo Kang; Kamran Eshraghian

A Real-Time FHD Learning-Based Super-Resolution System Without a Frame Buffer
Ming-Che Yang; Kuan-Ling Liu; Shao-Yi Chien

Data-Driven Intelligent Efficient Synaptic Storage for Deep Learning
Jonathon Edstrom; Yifu Gong; Dongliang Chen; Jinhui Wang; Na Gong

A 0.4-to-1 V Voltage Scalable ΔΣ ADC With Two-Step Hybrid Integrator for IoT Sensor Applications in 65-nm LP CMOS
Jun-Eun Park; Young-Ha Hwang; Deog-Kyoon Jeong

Kinetic AC/DC Converter for Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting in Autonomous Wearable Devices
Robin Bolt; Michele Magno; Thomas Burger; Aldo Romani; Luca Benini

A Frequency Tunable 360° Analog CMOS Phase Shifter With an Adjustable Amplitude
Fatemeh Akbar; Amir Mortazawi

A 55.1 mW 1.62-to-8.1 Gb/s Video Interface Receiver Generating up to 680 MHz Stream Clock Over 20 dB Loss Channel
Swansea Park; Jinhyung Lee; Kwangho Lee; Min-Seong Choo; Sungchun Jang; Sang-Hyeok Chu; Sungwoo Kim; Deog-Kyoon Jeong

Analog and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems

A 60-GHz 360° 5-Bit Phase Shifter With Constant IL Compensation Followed by a Normal Amplifier With ±1 dB Gain Variation and 0.6-dBm OP 1dB
Dong Huang; Lei Zhang; Di Li; Li Zhang; Yan Wang; Zhiping Yu

A Wideband Tunable Reflection-Type Phase Shifter With Wide Relative Phase Shift
Wen Ju Liu; Shao Yong Zheng; Yong Mei Pan; Yuan Xin Li; Yun Liang Long