February 2018, Volume 65, Issue 2

Analog and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems

New Models for the Calibration of Four-Channel Time-Interleaved ADCs Using Filter Banks
Pietro Monsurrò; Felice Rosato; Alessandro Trifiletti

A 0.032-mm² 0.15-V Three-Stage Charge-Pump Scheme Using a Differential Bootstrapped Ring-VCO for Energy-Harvesting Applications                      Haidong Yi; Jun Yin; Pui-In Mak; Rui P. Martins

A High-Efficiency GaN Doherty Power Amplifier With Blended Class-EF Mode and Load-Pull Technique
Ayman Barakat; Mury Thian; Vincent Fusco

Bootstrapping and Resetting CMOS Starter for Thermoelectric and Photovoltaic Chargers
Andrés A. Blanco; Gabriel A. Rincón-Mora

Time-Domain 1/f Noise Analysis of a Charge-Redistribution Track-and-Hold Circuit
Matias Jara; Cristobal Alessandri; Angel Abusleme

Electronically Tunable Fully Integrated Fractional-Order Resonator
Georgia Tsirimokou; Costas Psychalinos; Ahmed S. Elwakil; Khaled N. Salama

A 77-dB Dynamic Range Low-Power Variable-Gain Transimpedance Amplifier for Linear LADAR
Rui Ma; Maliang Liu; Hao Zheng; Zhangming Zhu

Stress Relaxed Multiple Output High-Voltage Level Shifter
Vikas Rana; Rohan Sinha

Circuits and Systems for Communications

A Low-Power OFDM-Based Wake-Up Mechanism for IoE Applications
Hualei Zhang; Chunhui Li; Sizheng Chen; Xi Tan; Na Yan; Hao Min

Hardware Implementation of the Preprocessing QR-Decomposition for the Soft-Output MIMO Detection With Multiple Tree Traversals
Tsung-Hsien Liu; Yi-Kuang Ko; Yen-Ju Chiu; Wen-Yen Lin; Yuan-Sun Chu

Turbo Trellis-Coded Differential Chaotic Modulation
Chenglong Zhou; Wei Hu; Lin Wang; Guanrong Chen

A 5-mW 750-kb/s Noninvasive Transceiver for Around-the-Head Audio Applications
Fei Chen; Woogeun Rhee; Zhihua Wang

Automatic 3D Design for Efficiency Optimization of a Class E Power Amplifier
Daniela De Venuto; Giovanni Mezzina; Jan Rabaey

Power Systems and Electronic Circuits

CRITIC-Based Node Importance Evaluation in Skeleton-Network Reconfiguration of Power Grids
Zhenzhi Lin; Fushuan Wen; Huifang Wang; Guanqiang Lin; Tianwen Mo; Xiaojun Ye

Current Ripple Recovery Modeling Technique for Voltage-Mode Control Converters
Hao Zhang; Chuanzhi Yi; Pengcheng Luo

Control Theory and Systems

On Some Input–Output Dynamic Properties of Complex Networks
Ram Niwash Mahia; Deepak M. Fulwani

Discrete-Time Positive Edge-Consensus for Undirected and Directed Nodal Networks
Han Wu; Housheng Su

Digital Circuits and Systems and VLSI

A 21.66 Gbps Nonbinary LDPC Decoder for High-Speed Communications
Jing Tian; Jun Lin; Zhongfeng Wang

A Parallel Stochastic Number Generator With Bit Permutation Networks
Vikash Sehwag; N. Prasad; Indrajit Chakrabarti

A Low-Error Energy-Efficient Fixed-Width Booth Multiplier With Sign-Digit-Based Conditional Probability Estimation
Ziji Zhang; Yajuan He

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

Cluster Consensus in Networks of Agents With Weighted Cooperative–Competitive Interactions
Jingyuan Zhan; Xiang Li

A Locally Active Memristor and Its Application in a Chaotic Circuit
Peipei Jin; Guangyi Wang; Herbert Ho-Ching Iu; Tyrone Fernando

Signal Processing

Iterative Graph-Based Filtering for Image Abstraction and Stylization
Hamidreza Sadreazami; Amir Asif; Arash Mohammadi

A Simplified FRI Sampling System for Pulse Streams Based on Constraint Random Modulation
Guoxing Huang; Ning Fu; Liyan Qiao; Jie Cao; Chuanzhi Fan