March 2018, Volume 65, Issue 3

A Sub-Nyquist Sampling Algorithm for Fractional Bandlimited Signals Based on AIC
Haoran Zhao; Liyan Qiao; Jingchao Zhang

Polynomial Sparse Adaptive Estimation in Distributed Networks
Kalyankar Shravan Kumar; Nithin V. George

Digital Distortion-Free PWM and Click Modulation
Fernando Chierchie; Eduardo E. Paolini

An Efficient Neural Network Model for Solving the Absolute Value Equations
Amin Mansoori; Mohammad Eshaghnezhad; Sohrab Effati

Properties of Chebyshev Polynomials Modulo p^k
Daisaburo Yoshioka

HReA: An Energy-Efficient Embedded Dynamically Reconfigurable Fabric for 13-Dwarfs Processing
Leibo Liu; Zhaoshi Li; Chen Yang; Chenchen Deng; Shouyi Yin; Shaojun Wei

A Comparison of Dual Modular Redundancy and Concurrent Error Detection in Finite Impulse Response Filters Implemented in SRAM-Based FPGAs Through Fault Injection
Luis Alberto Aranda; Pedro Reviriego; Juan Antonio Maestro

Secure and Lightweight Compressive Sensing Using Stream Cipher
Vikramkumar Pudi; Anupam Chattopadhyay; Kwok-Yan Lam

Digital Circuits and Systems and VLSI

Efficient Fault-Tolerant Design for Parallel Matched Filters
Zhen Gao; Ming Zhou; Pedro Reviriego; Juan Antonio Maestro

Energy-Efficient Scheme for Multiple Scan-Chains BIST Using Weight-Based Segmentation
Abdallatif S. Abu-Issa

Exponential Stability Analysis and Stabilization for Continuous Time-Delay Systems With Controller Failure
Zhicheng Li; Ai Gao; Yang Zhang

Power Systems and Electronic Circuits

Non-Isolated Single-Inductor DC/DC Converter With Fully Reconfigurable Structure for Renewable Energy Applications
Tian Cheng; Dylan Dah-Chuan Lu; Ling Qin

Recognition and Vulnerability Analysis of Key Nodes in Power Grid Based on Complex Network Centrality
Bin Liu; Zhen Li; Xi Chen; Yuehui Huang; Xiangdong Liu

Control Theory and Systems

Fixed-Time Disturbance Observer Design for Brunovsky Systems
Junkang Ni; Ling Liu; Mou Chen; Chongxin Liu

Digitally Assisted RF-Analog Self Interference Cancellation for Wideband Full-Duplex Radios
Brynn King; Jingjing Xia; Slim Boumaiza

Virtual Channel Optimization for Overloaded MIMO Systems
Guide Yang; Yuanping Zhou; Wenlong Xia

A Simplified Transistor-Based Analog Predistorter for a GaN Power Amplifier
Qi Cai; Wenquan Che; Kaixue Ma; Mi Zhang

A Generalized Lower Bound on the Bit Error Rate of DCSK Systems Over Multi-Path Rayleigh Fading Channels
Mohamed Dawa; Georges Kaddoum; Zeeshan Sattar

Analog and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems

Multiparameter Sensor Interface Circuit With Integrative Baseline/Offset Compensation by Switched-Capacitor Level Shifting/Balancing
Ji-Hoon Suh; Jeong-Ho Park; Soon-Jae Kweon; Hyung-Joun Yoo

Transient Input Impedance Modeling of Rectifiers for RF Energy Harvesting Applications
Sajjad Shieh; Mahmoud Kamarei

Supply-Doubled Pulse-Shaping High Voltage Pulser for CMUT Arrays
Gwangrok Jung; Coskun Tekes; Amirabbas Pirouz; F. Levent Degertekin; Maysam Ghovanloo

Capacitance Super Multiplier for Sub-Hertz Low-Pass Integrated Filters
Walter Germanovix; Edoardo Bonizzoni; Franco Maloberti

A 130 nm 165 nJ/frame Compressed-Domain Smashed-Filter-Based Mixed-Signal Classifier for “In-Sensor” Analytics in Smart Cameras
Anvesha Amaravati; Shaojie Xu; Justin Romberg; Arijit Raychowdhury

An Input-Feedforward Delta-Sigma Modulator With Relaxed Timing Constraints
Qing-Qin Wang; Wei Li

A Multi-Cycle Switching Technique for Efficient Ultrasonic Wireless Power Delivery
Hesam Sadeghi Gougheri; Mehdi Kiani

A 65 nm 0.08-to-680 MHz Low-Power Synthesizable MDLL With Nested-Delay Cell and Background Static Phase Offset Calibration
Dong-Jin Chang; Min-Jae Seo; Hyeok-Ki Hong; Seung-Tak Ryu

A Fast-Locking All-Digital Multiplying DLL for Fractional-Ratio Dynamic Frequency Scaling
Jongsun Kim; Sangwoo Han

Multi-Stub-Loaded Differential-Mode Planar Multiband Bandpass Filters
Roberto Gómez-García; Raúl Loeches-Sánchez; Dimitra Psychogiou; Dimitrios Peroulis

Single-Stage Amplifier Biased by Voltage Combiners With Gain and Energy-Efficiency Enhancement
Ricardo Póvoa; Nuno Lourenço; Ricardo Martins; Antonio Canelas; Nuno Cavaco Gomes Horta; Joao Goes

A 0.4-V Miniature CMOS Current Mode Instrumentation Amplifier
Mohammed A. Eldeeb; Yehya H. Ghallab; Yehea Ismail; Hassan El-Ghitani