August 2017, Volume 64, Issue 8

Analog and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems

A Fully Integrated Multistage Cross-Coupled Voltage Multiplier With No Reversion Power Loss in a Standard CMOS Process
Xiaojian Yu ; Kambiz Moez ; I-Chyn Wey ; Mohamad Sawan ; Jie Chen

Bandpass Class-F Power Amplifier Based on Multifunction Hybrid Cavity–Microstrip Filter
Qing-Yi Guo ; Xiu Yin Zhang ; Jin-Xu Xu ; Yuan Chun Li ; Quan Xue

Delta–Sigma Encoder for Low-Power Wireless Bio-Sensors Using Ultrawideband Impulse Radio
Xiaochen Tang ; Qisong Hu ; Wei Tang

A 58-ppm/°C 40-nW BGR at Supply From 0.5 V for Energy Harvesting IoT Devices
Junchao Mu ; Lianxi Liu ; Zhangming Zhu ; Yintang Yang

On Frequency Detection Capability of Full-Rate Linear and Binary Phase Detectors
Chung Hwan Son ; Sangjin Byun

A Precision Pseudo Resistor Bias Scheme for the Design of Very Large Time Constant Filters
Roberto Puddu ; Caterina Carboni ; Lorenzo Bisoni ; Gianluca Barabino ; Danilo Pani ; Luigi Raffo ; Massimo Barbaro

Memristive Model for Synaptic Circuits
Yang Zhang ; Xiaoping Wang ; Yi Li ; Eby G. Friedman

Circuits and Systems for Communications

On Die Bit Error Rate Estimator for NAND Flash Memory
Mustafa N. Kaynak ; Patrick R. Khayat ; Sivagnanam Parthasarathy

Modeling the Impact of Phase Noise on the Performance of Crystal-Free Radios
Osama Khan ; Brad Wheeler ; Filip Maksimovic ; David Burnett ; Ali M. Niknejad ; Kris Pister

Immediate Neighborhood Temperature Adaptive Routing for Dynamically Throttled 3-D Networks-on-Chip
Sumeet S. Kumar ; Amir Zjajo ; Rene van Leuken

Computer Aided Design and Electronic Design Automation

Accurate Estimation of CMOS Power Consumption Considering Glitches by Using Waveform Lookup
Michael Meixner ; Tobias G. Noll

Power Systems and Electronic Circuits

Load Disaggregation Based on Aided Linear Integer Programming
Md. Zulfiquar Ali Bhotto ; Stephen Makonin ; Ivan V. Bajić

A 7-MHz Integrated Peak-Current-Mode Buck Regulator With a Charge-Recycling Technique
Jung-Woo Ha ; Byung-Ha Park ; Jung-Hoon Chun

Control Theory and Systems

H∞ Relay Tracking Control of Multiagent Systems With the Assistance of a Voronoi Diagram
Sheng-Li Du ; Weiguo Xia ; Xi-Ming Sun ; Wei Wang

Digital Event-Based Control for Nonlinear Systems Without the Limit of ISS
Yong-Feng Gao ; Rui Wang ; Changyun Wen ; Wei Wang

Digital Circuits and Systems and VLSI

2×VDD 40-nm CMOS Output Buffer With Slew Rate Self-Adjustment Using Leakage Compensation
Chua-Chin Wang ; Zong-You Hou ; Kai-Wei Ruan

A Reduced-Bias Approach With a Lightweight Hard-Multiple Generator to Design a Radix-8 Modulo 2n+1 Multiplier
Seyed Mostafa Mirhosseini ; Amir Sabbagh Molahosseini ; Mehdi Hosseinzadeh ; Leonel Sousa ; Paulo Martins

On Diagnosing the Aging Level of Automotive Semiconductor Devices
Jihun Jung ; Muhammad Adil Ansari ; Dooyoung Kim ; Hyunbean Yi ; Sungju Park

Physically Unclonable Function Using an Initial Waveform of Ring Oscillators
Tetsufumi Tanamoto ; Shinich Yasuda ; Satoshi Takaya ; Shinobu Fujita

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

Digital Multiplierless Realization of a Calcium-Based Plasticity Model

Ehsan Jokar ; Hamid Soleimani

Continuous Class-B/J Power Amplifier Using a Nonlinear Embedding Technique
Samarth Saxena ; Karun Rawat ; Patrick Roblin

Signal Processing

A Variable Step-Size Normalized Subband Adaptive Filter With a Step-Size Scaler Against Impulsive Measurement Noise
Junwoong Hur ; Insun Song ; Poogyeon Park

Real-Time Mitigation of Short-Range Leakage in Automotive FMCW Radar Transceivers
Alexander Melzer ; Florian Starzer ; Herbert Jäger ; Mario Huemer

Blind Iterative Nonlinear Distortion Compensation Based on Thresholding
Masoumeh Azghani ; Amirata Ghorbani ; Farokh Marvasti