September 2017, Volume 64, Issue 9

Analog and Mixed Mode Circuits and Systems

Package-Level Reconfiguration of RF Matching Networks Using SMD Components
Wen Yuan ; Jeffrey S. Walling

A Linearization Technique for Differential OTAs
Mohammed Abdulaziz ; Waqas Ahmad ; Markus Törmänen ; Henrik Sjöland

A Gene–Protein–miRNA Electronic Oscillator
Sadia Alam ; S. M. Rezaul Hasan

A Capacitor-DAC-Based Technique For Pre-Emphasis-Enabled Multilevel Transmitters
Boyu Hu ; Yuan Du ; Rulin Huang ; Jeffrey Lee ; Young-Kai Chen ; Mau-Chung Frank Chang

Matching for Concurrent Harmonic Sensing in an M -Phase Mixer-First Receiver
Esmail Babakrpur ; Won Namgoong

Compact Millimeter-Wave CMOS Wideband Three-Transmission-Zeros Bandstop Filter Using a Single Coupled-Line Unit
Venkata Narayana Rao Vanukuru ; Vamsi Krishna Velidi

A 0.3-V 1- μW Super-Regenerative Ultrasound Wake-Up Receiver With Power Scalability
Hiroshi Fuketa ; Shinichi O’uchi ; Takashi Matsukawa

A Power-Efficient Signal-Specific ADC for Sensor-Interface Applications
Ehsan Rahiminejad ; Mehdi Saberi ; Reza Lotfi

An Integrated Dual-Mode CMOS Power Amplifier With Linearizing Body Network
Gwanghyeon Jeong ; Seunghoon Kang ; Taehwan Joo ; Songcheol Hong

Circuits and Systems for Communications

Improved Sorting Architecture for K -Best MIMO Detection
Byeong Yong Kong ; In-Cheol Park

Tunable Dual-Band Filter and Diplexer Based on Folded Open Loop Ring Resonators
Weijie Feng ; Ying Zhang ; Wenquan Che

High-Pass Negative Group Delay RC-Network Impedance
Blaise Ravelo

Low-Power LDPC-CC Decoding Architecture Based on the Integration of Memory Banks
Injae Yoo ; In-Cheol Park

A 38 pJ/b Optimal Soft-MIMO Detector
M. Shabany ; R. Doostnejad ; M. Mahdavi ; P. Glenn Gulak

Computer Aided Design and Electronic Design Automation

An Approximate Transfer Function Model of Two Serially Connected Heterogeneous Transmission Lines
Jaeyoung Seo ; Minsoo Choi ; Sanquan Song ; Jae-Yoon Sim ; Hong-June Park ; Byungsub Kim

Power Systems and Electronic Circuits

Adaptive Tuning of Large-Signal Resonant Circuits Using Phase-Switched Fractional Capacitance
W. Redman-White ; H. Kennedy ; R. Bodnar ; T. Lee

Control Theory and Systems

Hysteresis Switching Control of the Ćuk Converter Operating in Discontinuous Conduction Modes
Aleksandra Lekić ; Dušan M. Stipanović

Fast Adaptive Finite-Time Voltage Regulation Control Algorithm for a Buck Converter System
Yingying Cheng ; Haibo Du ; Chen Yang ; Zuo Wang ; Jinping Wang ; Yigang He

Optimal Control and Stabilization for Networked Control Systems With Packet Dropout and Input Delay
Xiao Liang ; Juanjuan Xu ; Huanshui Zhang

Digital Circuits and Systems and VLSI

Compact Constant Weight Coding Engines for the Code-Based Cryptography
Jingwei Hu ; Ray C. C. Cheung ; Tim Güneysu

Energy-Efficient Hardware Architecture of Self-Organizing Map for ECG Clustering in 65-nm CMOS
Jaeyoung Kim ; Pinaki Mazumder

A Scalable High-Performance Priority Encoder Using 1D-Array to 2D-Array Conversion
Xuan-Thuan Nguyen ; Hong-Thu Nguyen ; Cong-Kha Pham

Nonlinear Circuits and Systems

A Novel Hardware-Efficient Cochlea Model Based on Asynchronous Cellular Automaton Dynamics: Theoretical Analysis and FPGA Implementation
Kentaro Takeda ; Hiroyuki Torikai

Signal Processing

A Convex Combination of NLMS and ZA-NLMS for Identifying Systems With Variable Sparsity
Bijit K. Das ; G. Vinay Chakravarthi ; Mrityunjoy Chakraborty