Year Awarded Awardee(s)Paper Title
2012Przemyslaw Mroszczyk, Piotr Dudek Trigger-Wave Collision Detecting Asynchronous Cellular Logic Array for Fast Image Skeletonization
2012Jun Jia, Xin Yi, Mengde Wang, Guoxing Wang, Simin Deng, Guofang ShenBlink Restoration System with Contralateral EMG Triggered Stimulation and Real-Time Software Based Artifact Blanking
2011Chenchang Zhan An Output-Capacitor-Free Adaptively Biased Low-Dropout
Regulator with Sub-Threshold Undershoot-Reduction for SoC
2011Mauro MangiaAnalog-to-Information Conversion of Sparse and
Non-White Signals: Statistical Design of Sensing Waveforms
2011Timothy YorkOptical Characterization of a Polarization Imager