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Technical Committee on Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
1996 Committee Activities

1996 was another successful year for the Technical Committee
on Nonlinear Circuits and Systems, with support for nonlinear
activities at eight major conferences and workshops, and the
creation of our home page.

This year, Prof. Michael Peter Kennedy and Prof. Maciej Ogorzalek have
organized a special session on “Applications of Chaos in
Communications” (SS3/Track 2) at ISCAS’97 9–12 June, 1997.

Building on the success of last year’s workshop in Seville,
the fifth international specialist workshop on Nonlinear
Dynamics of Electronic Systems (NDES’97) will take place in
Moscow, Russia, on 26–27 June, 1997. For the past two years,
this exciting meeting of mathematicians and engineers from
eastern and western Europe, the US and Japan, has been
supported by the TCNCAS.

There will be two special sessions devoted to nonlinear dynamics
at ECCTD’97, which will take place in Budapest, Hungary, from
30 August to 3 September, 1997: “Nonlinear analyst’s tools for
practical circuits and systems,” and “Spread spectrum
communications and chaos.”

The 1997 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its
Applications (NOLTA’97) will be held in the Hilton Hawaiian
Village, Hawaii, from 29 November through 3 December, 1997.

Two special issues of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and
Systems are also in preparation. There has been an
overwhelming response to the Call for Papers for the special
issue of Part I on “Chaos Synchronization, Control, and
Applications”. This special issue will appear in October 1997.

A Call for Papers has been issued for an application-oriented
special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems
Part II on “Advances in Nonlinear Electronic Circuits.” The
deadline for receipt of submissions is 31 July 1997.

Other suggested activities during the TC meeting at ISCAS’96:

A. Cooperation with the IEICE Technical Group on Nonlinear
Problems: Ideas are sought for possible collaboration with
the IEICE society.

B. Issues already proposed but still remaining undeveloped:

1. Establishment of undergraduate competition in nonlinear circuit

2. Establishment of a list of unsolved important problems in
Nonlinear Circuits and Systems Theory.

A tentative list was suggested by Prof. Mike Green for future

a. Find an upper bound, using physically realizable transistor
models, on the maximum number of operating points of a circuit
that contains positive-valued resistors, diodes, independent
sources and n transistors, for any positive integer n.
A method to construct a circuit that possesses this maximum
number of operating points, for any n, must be given.

b. Find criteria that identify the stability of any dc operating
point of a nonlinear circuit.

c. Construct a homotopy that will thread through every
dc operating point of any physically realizable nonlinear

Prof. Michael Peter Kennedy, as the current Secretary of the TNCAS,
has recently provided a report of the TCNCAS activities for the
IEEE CAS Newsletter.

Dr. Ljiljana Trajkovic and the TC members created the TCNCAS mailing
list (alias: with 45 subscribing members,
and the website (
that contains TC news, TC meeting minutes, conference reports,
useful information regarding past and future conferences,
and links to other sites of interest.

Sites of interests that can be directly reached:

The next annual meeting of the TCNCAS is scheduled for
Thursday, June 12th, during lunch break (12:00-14:00) at ISCAS’97
in Hong Kong.