April 2003

During the period 2002-2003, the members of the Nonlinear Circuits and Systems Technical Committee (TC-NCAS) edited 2 special issues in related journals, published 3 technical books in the field of nonlinear circuits and systems, organized several special and invited sessions, and participated in numerous major conferences and workshops.

Special Issues in CAS-related journals:

  • [1] M. Hasler, G. Mazzini, M. Ogorzalek, R. Rovatti, and G. Setti edited a special issue on “Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics to Electronic and Information Engineering,” in the PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE, published in May 2002.
  • [2] M. di Bernardo, H. S. H. Chung, C. K. Tse, A. Ioinovici, M. Kazimierczuk, and T. Saito, plan to edit a special issue on “Analysis, Design and Applications of Switching Circuits and Systems,” in the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS-PART I, to appear in September 2003.

Our Technical Committee members published the following books:

  • [1] G. Chen and T. Ueta (eds.), Chaos in Circuits and Systems, World Scientific Pub. Co., Singapore, May 2002.
  • [2] G. Chen, X. H. Yu and D. J. Hill (eds.), Chaos and Bifurcation Control: Theory and Applications, Volume I: Chaos Control, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2003.
  • [3] G. Chen, D. J. Hill and X. H. Yu (eds.), Chaos and Bifurcation Control: Theory and Applications, Volume II: Bifurcation Control, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2003.

Special/Invited Sessions/Tutorials organized:
Our committee members participated in organization of the following special and invited sessions and tutorials:

  • [1] NOLTA’02 ISITA/NOLTA Joint Special Session “Application of Chaos to Communication and Signal Processing”, Organizers: G. Setti, R. Rovatti, G. Mazzini, And C. K. Tse.
  • [2] NOLTA’02 Special Session on “Application of Chaos”, Organizers: R. Rovatti, G. Setti, And C. K. Tse.
  • [3] ISCAS’03 Invited Session on “Nonlinear Dynamics for Coding Theory and Network Traffic,” Organizers: G. Setti, G.M. Maggio, R. Rovatti, and G. Mazzini.
  • [4] ISCAS’03 Tutorial on “Chaotic and Random Point Processes: Analysis, Design and Application to Hybrid Systems”. Organizers: W. Schwarz, A. Baranowski. Participants: Alexander L. Baranovski, Wolfgang Schwarz, Soumitro Banerjee, Mario Di Bernardo, Chi K. Tse, Gianluca Mazzini, Jose Luis Rodriguez Marrero, Gianluca Setti, Oliver Woywode.
  • [5] ISCAS’03 Invited Session on “High-Speed circuits and interconnects”. Organizers: Hideki Asai and Michel Nakhla
  • [6] ISCAS’03 Invited Session on “New Trends in switching power converters towards integration”. Organizers: Eduard Alarcon and Luigi Fortuna
  • [7] ISCAS’03 Invited Session on “Theoretical aspects in cellular neural networks”. Organizer: Marco Gilli
  • [8] GLOBECOM’03 Tutorial on “Discrete-Time Chaotic Systems: Mathematical Tools and Communication Applications”. Organizers: G. Mazzini, R. Rovatti, G. Setti

Conferences, Workshops, Schools
Our Technical Committee co-sponsored the following international conferences:

  • [1] Nonlinear Circuits and Systems Committee, Int. Conference on Communications, Circuits and Systems 2002, Chengdu, China, June 26-28, 2002.
  • [2] Nanjing Regional Workshop on Chaos Control and Synchronization with Applications, Nanjing, China, December 6, 2002.
  • [3] The Second Asia-Pacific Workshop on Chaos Control and Synchronization, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, June 7-8, 2003.
  • [4] Shanghai International Symposium on Nonlinear Science and Applications, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, June 9-13, 2003.
  • [5] The First International Conference Physics and Control, St. Petersburg, Russia, August 27-29, 2003.
  • [6] International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, NOLTA2002, Xian, China, Oct 7-11, 2002

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