(ISCAS 2001 – May 7, 2001, Sydney, Australia)

Hideki Asai, Bruce Calvert, Guanrong Chen (Chair), Xiang Chen, Tetsuro Endo, Orla Feely, Luigi Fortuna, Robert Fox, Marco Gilli, Leonid Goldgeisser (Secretary), Michael Green, Martin Hasler, Geza Kolumban, Derong Liu, Bob Newcomb, Josef Nossek, Gian Mario Maggio (Track Chair for ISCAS 2001), Maciej Ogorzalek, Kohshi Okumura, Stefano Pastore, Alessandro Rizzo, Gianluca Setti (Chair-elect), Ljiljana Trajkovic, Akio Ushida, Alan Willson.
GUESTS (#2): Jacob Katzenelson and Xinghuo Yu.




  • There were some concerns and discussion about the new CAS Magazine. Prof. Josef Nossek suggested organize an editorial board meeting to discuss how to further improve the quality of the Magazine. Moreover, all TC NCAS members are encouraged to contribute to the Magazine by submitting papers.
  • Following a meeting of the TC Chairs held at ISCAS 2001, Prof. Gianluca Setti reported about:
    a) The decision to organize 2 meetings/year among the TC Chairs. The first will be held just before ISCAS, while the second will be during the ISCAS paper selection meeting (usually end of November/beginning of December).
    b) Nomination of a candidate for the Distinguished Lecture program. Proposals for nomination should be sent to the TC Chair or directly to Prof. Mona Zaghloul (CAS Vice President, Technical Activities).
    c) Promotion of the Technical Committee activities to enhance the TC visibility. Each TC should identify several publications which best represent the most important achievements obtained in the area of the corresponding TC, over the past 5 years. Discussion about this issue indicated awards papers and Special Issues as possible starting points for the selection process. The procedure, though, remains to be clarified.
  • Prof. Alen Wilson suggested that the IEEE conferences should be scheduled such that one does not have conflicts with the others.
  • Future technical activities: Prof. Luigi Fortuna mentioned that he would like to organize a special session on “When chaos works better than pseudo-random?” (ISCAS 2002)

    WWW SITE AND MAILING LIST (by Ljiljana Trajkovic)

  • The NCAS TC WWW page: http://diva.eecs.berkeley.edu/~ljilja/tcncas contains TC news, TC meeting minutes, conference reports, useful information regarding past and future conferences, and links to other sites of interest.
  • We continue to maintain the majordomo list (automatic mailing system) for the NCAS Technical Committee members and guests. The list is private and supports geographically diverse membership. It currently has 68 subscribing members. The members can subscribe and unsubscribe by sending e-mail to ljilja@eecs.berkeley.edu or ljilja@cs.sfu.ca. The NCAS TC email address is: ncastc-ieee@sfu.ca.

    ELECTION OF TC NCAS OFFICERS (Term ending at ISCAS 2002)

  • Gianluca Setti, Chair (gsetti@ing.unife.it)
  • Leonid Goldgeisser, Chair-Elect (leonidg@ieee.org)
  • Gian Mario Maggio, Secretary (gmaggio@ucsd.edu)
  • Yoshifumi Nishio, Track Chair for NCAS at ISCAS 2002 (nishio@ee.tokushima-u.ac.jp)
  • Guanrong (Ron) Chen, Past-Chair (gchen@ee.cityu.edu.hk)

    Prepared by: G.R. Chen, L. Goldgeisser, G.M. Maggio, G. Setti, and Lj. Trajkovic.