ISCAS 2008, May 20, 2008, Seattle, WA, USA

Jens Anders (for Wolfgang Mathis)
Sergio Callegari
Rui DeFigueiredo
Mario di Bernardo
Zbigniew Galias
Leonid Goldgeisser
Michael Green
Martin Hasler
Orla Feely
Henry Leung
Yoshifumi Nishio
Macije Ogorzalek
Hiroo Sekiya
Gianluca Setti
Wallace Tang
Ljiljana Trajkovic
Yoko Uwate

A G E N D A 
Ljiljana Trajkovic opened the meeting on behalf of the Chair Michael Tse who could not attend ISCAS this year.
Meeting agenda was drafted:
1. Communications
2. Acceptance of past minutes
3. Report on 2007 Activities of the Committee
4. Election of the NCAS Track Chair for ISCAS 2009
5. Web page and mailing list
6. Election of Officers of the Committee
7. New business

  • 1. Meeting agenda was adopted and voted by all present. 
  • 2. Communications Ljiljana reported that the NCAS TC now has seven new members from the TC on Graph Theory. 
  • 3. Acceptance of minutes:
    – The minutes of the May 2007 meeting were unanimously accepted. Rui DeFigueiredo requested that the minutes be made available for review during the next meeting. Ljiljana noted that the minutes were posted on the TCNCAS web site in Summer 2007. 
  • 4. Report on past activities
    – Ljiljana thanked Leonid Goldgeisser for volunteering to prepare the report for the 2007 activities.
    – The report was discussed and presented to the Committee members. Leonid reported that the number of members has increased to 98 members and that the committee has been active and has organized many invited sessions and lectures, published a large number of books and special issues with a visible increase compared to the past year. 
  • 5. Web page and mailing list
    – Ljiljana reported that the TCNCAS web site is updated regularly but has same look and feel as when it was first created in 1995. The mailing list needs to be updated as it contains old email addresses.
    – Rui suggested to list on the web site all members who received honors in the past year.
    – Mario di Bernardo suggested to explore the possibility of creating a wiki-style web page to substitute the current web page. The idea was well received and it was decided that a panel (Leonid Goldgeisser, Michael Green, Mario di Bernardo, and Ljiljana Trajkovic) will explore various possibilities for the web site, including the possible move to a content-based management system.
    – Ljiljana reported that Bruce Calvert has asked to resign from the Committee due to change of research interests. She also reported than only 33 members (of almost 100) replied to her email message inquiring whether they planned to attend the TC meeting at ISCAS 08. The case of members who are not active is then discussed. Maciej Ogorzalek proposed to send an email message to all members checking whether they are still active members of the committee. It was decided that Ljiljana will send a series of three email asking members whether they still wish to continue their membership in TCNCAS. The committee was unanimously in favor. 
  • 6. ISCAS 2009 Track Chair
    – Gianluca Setti described the duties and tasks expected by the Track Chair at ISCAS 2009. It was reported that this year 86 papers were submitted to ISCAS 2008 in the Nonlinear Circuits and Systems Track. This is in line with the average of 90 papers usually submitted at ISCAS within this track.
    – Gianluca and Ljiljana reminded all present that the next Track Chair will have to commit a considerable amount of time between October and the end of November 2008 and also be available afterwards to manage the review process and arrange and select session chairs.
    – Orla Freely was suggested to act as NCAS Track Chair for ISCAS 2009. All present unanimously voted in support of the appointment. 
  • 7. Election of officers
    – Ljiljana reminded all present that the 2007 TCNCAS officers were Michael Tse, Chair-Elect and Zbigniew Galias, ISCAS 2008 Track Chair. Hence, Michael Tse is to be elected Chair, term beginning at ISCAS 2008. Since there is no Secretary (Leonid kindly only acted as a volunteer in preparing the report for 2007 activities), it was proposed that Zbigniew Galias assumes the Chair-Elect position and that Henry Leung be elected Secretary. All present unanimously voted in support of these appointments. Ljiljana suggested that, if willing, Henry Leung be automatically proposed as NCAS Track Chair for ISCAS 2010 (to be held in Paris) so that we may return to the usual pipeline algorithm when selecting new officers.TC-NCAS OFFICERS (term ending at ISCAS 2009)
    Michael Tse, Chair
    Ljupco Kocarev, Past-Chair
    Zbigniew Galias, Chair-elect
    Henry Leung, Secretary
    Orla Feely, Track Chair for NCAS at ISCAS 2009
  • 8. New business
    There was no other business to be discussed and the meeting was adjourned.

Prepared by: M. di Bernardo and Lj. Trajkovic. (A copy of these minutes will be posted on the TCNCAS Web site: