NOLTA 95: Las Vegas, NV, December 11, 1995 :

List of attendees:
Mike Green, Martin Hasler, Peter Kennedy, Shinsaku Mori (Chair), Tetsuo Nishi, Maciej J. Ogorzalek (Chair-Elect), Kohshi Okumura, Mamory Tanaka, Ljiljana Trajkovic (Secretary), Alan N. Willson, Jr., and Armen Zemanian.


Creation of a WWW TCNCAS home page: 
A proposal was made by several members to create a WWW home page for the TCNCAS. The committee agreed that it was a good idea and various proposals on the design of the page were made (links to other IEEE sites, possibility of storing the page on a IEEE file server, options for new memberships, inclusion of meeting minutes, conference announcements, special sessions). Ljiljana Trajkovic volunteered to implement the page.

Grand challenges problems: 
Mike Green’s proposal about the grand challenges was discussed. It was suggested that the discussion could begin on the list. Proposals should be sent to the committee and will be deposited on the WWW home page (initially under a proposer’s name, until the problem is adopted by the committee). The prize and recognition need to be discussed further.

Student paper awards: 
Proposal was made that the committee sponsors student paper awards and undergraduate competitions at ISCAS ’96.

Prepared by Ljiljana Trajkovic.