Proposals Selected for Funding Under the CASS Outreach Initiative 2011/2012

Firstly, on behalf all the Outreach Evaluation Committee, I would like to thank all proposers for submitting a diverse range of exciting proposals to the initiative. We received 42 proposals for a total requested funding of over US$ 320K. Each proposal was carefully reviewed by the Committee. The 16 proposals listed below were judged most suitable for full or partial support and were awarded funding. Detailed additional feedback will be sent via email to all proposers in due course.

Unfortunately all funds allocated for the Outreach Initiative 2012 were allocated in this round (together with extra funding to support WiCAS/GoLD activities), so the next Call for Proposals for the Outreach Initiative is scheduled to open in the Fall (dates will be communicated on the website early in September 2012) for activities in 2013.

All successful proposers should immediately contact the CAS Executive Director, Ms. Heidi Zazza (e-mail: to make arrangements for the funding transfer. Proposers should also make sure to send a report of their activities to myself and Heidi within 1 month from the end of the activity. All reports will be published on the CAS website at the end of the year.

Mario di Bernardo
(CAS Administrative Vice President)

List of successful proposals Outreach Initiative 2011/2012

Id # Proposer name
Proposal details
Awarded funding
#49 AJ Trivandrum Workshop for High School Students (India) 5000
#63 M Di Federico EAMTA PhD school (Argentina) 3000
#96 G Wang Student Summer Camp on Neuroelectronics (Shanghai) 11000
#112 GH Chen Outreach activity Tainan and Taipei CASS Chapters 5000
#116 Y Nishio GoLD and student member meeting (Shikoku Chapter, Japan) 2500
#122 E Salman Summer Engineering Camp for high school students (IEEE Student Branch, New York) 6000
#128 J Singh Outreach activity and membership drive initiative (Australia) 6000
#132 Y Ha Graduate Student Workshop (Singapore Chapter) 840
#137 C Wu Partial support for Workshop on Complex Systems and Networks 2012 (USA) 5000
#142 C Chang Summer School (Taipei Chapter) 3000
#145 C Diniz Microelectronics school (Brazil) 5000
#149 R Sridhar Funding for students participating at IEEE System on Chip conference (New York) 5000
#152 P Abshire (WiCAS) WiCAS event at ISCAS 2012 14000
#153 P Ampadu (GoLD) GoLD events at ISCAS 2012 12000
#155 P Abshire (WiCAS) WiCAS event at SENSORS 2012 1500
#163 D Atienza PhD Tutorial activity at D43D 2012 (EPFL, Switzerland) 10000