Volume 18 | Issue 12

The scope of the Periodical is the various aspects of research in multimedia technology and applications of multimedia, including, but not limited to, circuits, networking, signal processing, systems, software, and systems integration, as represented by the Fields of Interest of the sponsors.

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Wenwu Zhu
Department of Computer Science
Tsinghua University
Beijing, China


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This paper presents a novel approach for image reconstruction from pixels located at arbitrary noninteger positions, called mesh. This task forms an intrinsic part of various multimedia applications, including superresolution, fisheye imaging, or generations of new views in multicamera systems, among others. We propose a new frequency-selective mesh-to-grid resampling algorithm that aims at... Read more on IEEE Xplore

Single image super-resolution (SISR) is a challenging work, which aims to recover the missing information in an observed low-resolution (LR) image and generate the corresponding high-resolution (HR) version. As the SISR problem is severely ill-conditioned, effective prior knowledge of HR images is necessary to well pose the HR estimation. In this paper, an effective SISR method is proposed via... Read more on IEEE Xplore

Saliency object detection has been a very active research topic recently, due to its extensive applications in image compression, scene understanding, image retrieval, and so forth. The overwhelming majority of existing computational models are designed based on computer vision techniques by using a lot of image cues and priors. In fact, salient object detection is derived from the biological... Read more on IEEE Xplore