Volume 18 | Issue 12

The scope of the Periodical is the various aspects of research in multimedia technology and applications of multimedia, including, but not limited to, circuits, networking, signal processing, systems, software, and systems integration, as represented by the Fields of Interest of the sponsors.

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Chang Wen Chen
Director, UBMM - Ubiquitous Multimedia Laboratory
The State University of New York at Buffalo


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Fine-grained categorization is a challenging task mainly due to two factors: first, objects share similar appearances between different categories; second, objects present significant pose variation within the same category. To address these challenges, we propose a method to automatically detect discriminative and pose-invariant regions, which is referred to as a polygon-based classifier (PBC).... Read more on IEEE Xplore

Using multiple depth cameras can extend the field of view, which is beneficial to three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction. However, multiple active depth cameras would interfere with each other, which degrades the quality of depth images significantly. In this paper, we first present a depth extraction method based on sampling of the space at camera viewpoints to address the interference problem.... Read more on IEEE Xplore

Traditional color transfer methods can achieve satisfactory results for transferring the color style from a reference image to a source image, provided that the source image shares the similar color mood with the reference image. However, color transfer solutions are always sensitive to color category, which cannot generate natural results when the contents of the reference image and the source... Read more on IEEE Xplore