Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers

Vol 63 | Issue 4

Scope: The theory, analysis,(computer aided) design, and practical implementation of circuits, and the application of circuit theoretic techniques to systems and to signal processing. Only full papers submissions are accepted.


Dr. Andreas Demosthenous
Editor in Chief - 2016 - 2017
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
University College London

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Eduardo A. B. da Silva
Department of Electronics
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro


Analysis and Design of a Multi-Core Oscillator for Ultra-Low Phase Noise
In this paper, we exploit an idea of coupling multiple oscillators to reduce phase noise…
Iterative Gain Enhancement in an Algorithmic ADC
This paper presents a 14.9-bit 3.57-MS/s algorithmic ADC that uses iterative gain enhancement, a technique…
IEEE Access
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