Volume 24 | Issue 12

Includes all major aspects of the design and implementation of VLSI/ULSI and microelectronic systems. Topics of special interest include: systems specifications, design and partitioning, high performance computing and communication systems, neural networks, wafer-scale integration and multichip module systems and their applications.

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Professor Krishnendu Chakrabarty
Dept. of Elect. Eng.
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708


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Approximate computing forms a design alternative that exploits the intrinsic error resilience of various applications and produces energy-efficient circuits with small accuracy loss. In this paper, we propose an approximate hybrid high radix encoding for generating the partial products in signed multiplications that encodes the most significant bits with the accurate radix-4 encoding and the... Read more on IEEE Xplore

Object recognition offers a more general implementation for vision-based applications. This paper reports a resource-efficient recognition coprocessor with embedded cell-based simplified speeded up robust feature descriptor extraction unit and parallel scan-window (SW) recognition engine, applicable for various mobile scenarios and image sensor types. The feature extraction circuitry with pixel-... Read more on IEEE Xplore

Programmable Systems-on-Chips (SoCs) are expected to incorporate a larger number of application-specific hardware accelerators with tightly integrated memories in order to meet stringent performance-power requirements of embedded systems. As data sharing between the accelerator memories and the processor is inevitable, it is of paramount importance that the selection of application segments for... Read more on IEEE Xplore