Volume 24 | Issue 12

Includes all major aspects of the design and implementation of VLSI/ULSI and microelectronic systems. Topics of special interest include: systems specifications, design and partitioning, high performance computing and communication systems, neural networks, wafer-scale integration and multichip module systems and their applications.

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Professor Krishnendu Chakrabarty
Dept. of Elect. Eng.
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708


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The impending Internet of Things (IoT) wave is promising to affect every aspect of our daily lives, ranging from smart things to smart buildings, smart cities, and smart environments. A lot of attention has been devoted to the tsunami of data produced by IoT, and the related means of extracting useful actionable information from it, spawning efforts in Big Data processing and machine learning.... Read more on IEEE Xplore

The hardware implementation of deep neural networks (DNNs) has recently received tremendous attention: many applications in fact require high-speed operations that suit a hardware implementation. However, numerous elements and complex interconnections are usually required, leading to a large area occupation and copious power consumption. Stochastic computing (SC) has shown promising results for... Read more on IEEE Xplore

Endpoint devices for Internet-of-Things not only need to work under extremely tight power envelope of a few milliwatts, but also need to be flexible in their computing capabilities, from a few kOPS to GOPS. Near-threshold (NT) operation can achieve higher energy efficiency, and the performance scalability can be gained through parallelism. In this paper, we describe the design of an open-source... Read more on IEEE Xplore