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Last updated: August 25, 2017

Design optimization and implementation for RF energy harvesting circuits
P Nintanavongsa, U Muncuk, DR Lewis, K Chowdhury
Publication year: 2012, page(s): 24-33
Cited by 242 

Design of a WSN platform for long-term environmental monitoring for IoT applications
MT Lazarescu
Publication year: 2013, page(s): 45-54
Cited by 164 

Wireless NoC as interconnection backbone for multicore chips: Promises and challenges
S Deb, A Ganguly, PP Pande, B Belzer, D Heo
Publication year: 2012, page(s): 228-239
Cited by 139 

3-D sequential integration: A key enabling technology for heterogeneous co-integration of new function with CMOS
P Batude, T Ernst, J Arcamone, G Arndt, P Coudrain, P-E Gaillardon
Publication year: 2012, page(s): 714-722
Cited by 102 

A nonuniform sampler for wideband spectrally-sparse environments
M Wakin, S Becker, E Nakamura, M Grant, E Sovero, D Ching, J Yoo, J Romberg, A Emami-Neyestanak, E Candes
Publication year: 2012, page(s): 516-529
Cited by 85 

A survey of fractional-order circuit models for biology and biomedicine
TJ Freeborn 
Publication year: 2013, page(s): 416-424
Cited by 76 

TAD-MAC: Traffic-aware dynamic MAC protocol for wireless body area sensor networks
MM Alam, O Berder, D Menard, O Sentieys
Publication year: 2012, page(s): 109-119
Cited by 72 

Image compressive sensing recovery via collaborative sparsity
J Zhang, D Zhao, C Zhao, R Xiong, S Ma, W Gao
Publication year: 2012, page(s): 380-391
Cited by 73 

An energy-efficient sleep scheduling with QoS consideration in 3GPP LTE-advanced networks for internet of things
JM Liang, JJ Chen, HH Cheng, YC Tseng
Publication year: 2013, page(s): 13-22
Cited by 70 

Fractional order Butterworth filter: active and passive realizations
AS Ali, AG Radwan, AM Soliman 
Publication year: 2013, page(s): 346-354 
Cited by 67

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