December 2018, Volume 12, Issue 6

Guest Editorial Selected Papers From the 2018 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference
Alison Burdett; Pedram Mohseni; Maysam Ghovanloo; Roman Genov

A Low-Power Photoplethysmogram-Based Heart Rate Sensor Using Heartbeat Locked Loop
Jinseok Lee; Do-Hun Jang; Sujin Park; SeongHwan Cho

A Chronically Implantable Neural Coprocessor for Investigating the Treatment of Neurological Disorders
Scott Stanslaski; Jeffrey Herron; Tom Chouinard; Duane Bourget; Ben Isaacson; Vaclav Kremen; Enrico Opri; William Drew; Benjamin H. Brinkmann; Aysegul Gunduz; Tom Adamski; Gregory A. Worrell; Timothy Denison

A Reduced-Wire ICE Catheter ASIC With Tx Beamforming and Rx Time-Division Multiplexing
Gwangrok Jung; Coskun Tekes; M. Wasequr Rashid; Thomas M. Carpenter; David Cowell; Steven Freear; F. Levent Degertekin; Maysam Ghovanloo

A 250μm × 57μm Microscale Opto-electronically Transduced Electrodes (MOTEs) for Neural Recording
Sunwoo Lee; Alejandro Javier Cortese; Aasta Parin Gandhi; Elizabeth Rose Agger; Paul L. McEuen; Alyosha Christopher Molnar

A 665 μW Silicon Photomultiplier-Based NIRS/EEG/EIT Monitoring ASIC for Wearable Functional Brain Imaging
Jiawei Xu; Mario Konijnenburg; Shuang Song; Hyunsoo Ha; Roland van Wegberg; Massimo Mazzillo; Giorgio Fallica; Chris Van Hoof; Walter De Raedt; Nick Van Helleputte

Guest Editorial ISCAS 2018 Special Issue
G. Wang

Adaptive Matching Transmitter With Dual-Band Antenna for Intraoral Tongue Drive System
Fanpeng Kong; Muhammad Zada; Hyoungsuk Yoo; Maysam Ghovanloo

The EcoChip: A Wireless Multi-Sensor Platform for Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring
Matthieu Sylvain; Francis Lehoux; Steeve Morency; Félix Faucher; Eric Bharucha; Denise M. Tremblay; Frédéric Raymond; Denis Sarrazin; Sylvain Moineau; Michel Allard; Jacques Corbeil; Younès Messaddeq; Benoit Gosselin

CMOS-Based Multifrequency Impedance Analyzer for Biomedical Applications
Daniele Allegri; Achille Donida; Piero Malcovati; Diego Barrettino

Registration and Fusion of Thermographic and Visual-Light Images in Neurosurgery
Jan Müller; Jens Müller; Fang Chen; Ronald Tetzlaff; Juliane Müller; Elisa Böhl; Matthias Kirsch; Christian Schnabel

A Human–Machine Interface Using Electrical Impedance Tomography for Hand Prosthesis Control
Yu Wu; Dai Jiang; Xiao Liu; Richard Bayford; Andreas Demosthenous

Guest Editorial Special Issue on Advances and Open Challenges for Integrated Circuits Detecting Bio Molecules
M. Carminati; J. K. Rosenstein; R. Thewes; H.-J. Yoo

Integrated Optoelectronic Device for Detection of Fluorescent Molecules
Nicola Lovecchio; Francesca Costantini; Emanuele Parisi; Marco Nardecchia; Mario Tucci; Augusto Nascetti; Giampiero de Cesare; Domenico Caputo

Single-Cell Recording of Vesicle Release From Human Neuroblastoma Cells Using 1024-ch Monolithic CMOS Bioelectronics
Kevin A. White; Geoffrey Mulberry; Jonhoi Smith; Manfred Lindau; Bradley A. Minch; Kiminobu Sugaya; Brian N. Kim

Impedance Spectroscopy and Electrophysiological Imaging of Cells With a High-Density CMOS Microelectrode Array System
Vijay Viswam; Raziyeh Bounik; Amir Shadmani; Jelena Dragas; Cedar Urwyler; Julia Alicia Boos; Marie Engelene J. Obien; Jan Müller; Yihui Chen; Andreas Hierlemann

A CMOS Pixelated Nanocapacitor Biosensor Platform for High-Frequency Impedance Spectroscopy and Imaging
Frans Widdershoven; Andrea Cossettini; Cecilia Laborde; Andrea Bandiziol; Paul P. van Swinderen; Serge G. Lemay; Luca Selmi

Design of Wideband Button Antenna Based on Characteristic Mode Theory
Sen Yan; Guy A. E. Vandenbosch

Feasibility of Self-Powering and Energy Harvesting Using Cardiac Valvular Perturbations
Sri Harsha Kondapalli; Yarub Alazzawi; Marcin Malinowski; Tomasz Timek; Shantanu Chakrabartty

Highly Integrated FPGA-Only Signal Digitization Method Using Single-Ended Memory Interface Input Receivers for Time-of-Flight PET Detectors
Jun Yeon Won; Jae Sung Lee

Domain Wall Motion-Based Dual-Threshold Activation Unit for Low-Power Classification of Non-Linearly Separable Functions
Suman Deb; Tarun Vatwani; Anupam Chattopadhyay; Arindam Basu; Xuanyao Fong

Multiplierless Implementation of Noisy Izhikevich Neuron With Low-Cost Digital Design
Saeed Haghiri; Abdulhamid Zahedi; Ali Naderi; Arash Ahmadi

Digital Multiplierless Realization of Coupled Wilson Neuron Model
Mohammad Amin Imani; Arash Ahmadi; Mazdak RadMalekshahi; Saeed Haghiri

A Hand-Held Point-of-Care Biosensor Device for Detection of Multiple Cancer and Cardiac Disease Biomarkers Using Interdigitated Capacitive Arrays
Omer Ceylan; Geetesh K. Mishra; Melik Yazici; Anjum Qureshi; Javed H. Niazi; Yasar Gurbuz

Algorithm and VLSI Architecture Design of Low-Power SPIHT Decoder for mHealth Applications
Jui-Hung Hsieh; Meng-Ju Shih; Xin-Hao Huang

Signal Loss Compensation of RF Crossbar Switch Matrix System in Ultra-High Field MRI
Yun Kyoung Ko; Chang-Hoon Choi; N. Jon Shah; Jörg Felder

Effects of Cooling on the SNR and Contrast Detection of a Low-Light Event-Based Camera
Xavier Berthelon; Guillaume Chenegros; Thomas Finateu; Sio-Hoi Ieng; Ryad Benosman