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Cardiovascular System Monitoring and Therapy: Innovative Technologies and Internet of Things

The number of devices for the measurement and interpretation of biological systems that describe the performance of the cardiovascular system is growing. Among others, this is due to the improvement of circuit and system design that renders the devices wearable and easy to use. Moreover, internetworking enables these devices to exchange data. Their true impact on patient care is highly dependent on the quality and relevancy of the data acquired. The design of circuits and systems to answer the growing demand and the necessity to have portable and connected devices lead to a focus on designing ultra-low power apparatus, mixed-signal devices, using nanoscale electronics. Microelectronic issues are therefore at the heart of the demand. All this requires inter-disciplinary collaborations between scientists, engineers, medical researchers, and practitioners. The interconnection of these embedded devices, known as Internet of Things, is expected to usher in the medical field, among others to study the cardiovascular system of patients. Data processing and storage will also take place in the healthcare information technology. Furthermore, key issues such as data security and privacy will be determinants of the utility of these systems and impact in healthcare monitoring and management.
This special issue aims to provide a forum for both established experts and new investigators to share their developments, knowledge, and insights for the further design of circuits and systems aiming at being integrated into sensors to monitor or treat the cardiovascular system.  Contributions for this special issue are sought on general, theoretical, and application-oriented papers in the above-mentioned technical areas with a Circuits and Systems perspective and an application related to the cardiovascular system. We thus invite contributions on the following main topics:

  1. Analog and Digital Signal Processing of Cardiovascular Data
  2. Biomedical Circuits for Cardiovascular Signal Acquisition, Transmission, and Monitoring
  3. Internet of Things for Cardiovascular Parameters Monitoring and Diagnosis
  4. Electroceuticals Applied for Cardiovascular Diseases

The manuscript for TBioCAS must be submitted online using the IEEE TBioCAS manuscript template and "Information for Authors", via the IEEE Manuscript Central found at the following Website address: Authors should select the Special Issue manuscript titled “Cardiosys” instead of “Regular Paper”.  The length of a manuscript must be minimum 8 pages in IEEE format (template can be found on TBioCAS website). For any information, please contact Dr. Anne Humeau-Heurtier at the following Email address:

Submission of manuscript deadline: December 16, 2017 (extended)
Acceptance / major-revision-resubmission / rejection notifications: March 12, 2017
Revised manuscripts due: May 12, 2018
Final acceptance: June 1st, 2018
Publication: August 1st, 2018

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