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Consensus Tracking of Multi-Agent Systems with Lipschitz-Type Node Dynamics and Switching Topologies
Guanghui Wen; Zhisheng Duan; Guanrong Chen; Wenwu Yu
Publication Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 2, Pages: 499 - 511
Cited by: Papers (376)

Reliable output feedback control of discrete-time fuzzy affine systems with actuator faults
Yanling Wei; Jianbin Qiu; Hamid Reza Karimi
Published Year: 2017, Volume: 64, Issue: 1, Pages: 170 – 181
Cited by: Papers (210) 

Distributed robust synchronization of dynamical networks with stochastic coupling
Yang Tang; Huijun Gao; Jürgen Kurths
Published Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 5, Pages: 1508 – 1519
Cited by: Papers (120)

Finite-time synchronization of a class of second-order nonlinear multi-agent systems using output feedback control
Haibo Du; Yigang He; Yingying Cheng
Published Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 6, Pages: 1778 – 1788
Cited by: Papers (117)

Deadbeat Dissipative FIR Filtering
Choon Ki Ahn; Peng Shi; Michael V. Basin
Published Year: 2016, Volume: 63, Issue: 8, Pages: 1210 – 1221
Cited by: Papers (103)

Synchronization of nonlinear dynamical networks with heterogeneous impulses
Wenbing Zhang; Yang Tang; Xiaotai Wu; Jian-An Fang
Published Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 4, Pages: 1220 – 1228
Cited by: Papers (101)

Theoretical design and FPGA-based implementation of higher-dimensional digital chaotic systems
Qianxue Wang; Simin Yu; Chengqing Li; Jinhu Lü; Xiaole Fang; Christophe Guyeux; Jacques M. Bahi
Published Year: 2016, Volume: 63, Issue: 3, Pages: 401 – 412
Cited by: Papers (84)

Improved 8-point approximate DCT for image and video compression requiring only 14 additions
Uma Sadhvi Potluri; Arjuna Madanayake; Renato J. Cintra; Fábio M. Bayer; Sunera Kulasekera; Amila Edirisuriya
Published Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 6, Pages: 1727 – 1740
Cited by: Papers (78)

A novel 1.2–V 4.5-ppm/° C curvature-compensated CMOS bandgap reference
Bill Ma; Fengqi Yu
Published Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 4, Pages: 1026 – 1035
Cited by: Papers (75)

Low-latency successive-cancellation polar decoder architectures using 2-bit decoding
Bo Yuan; Keshab K. Parhi
Published Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 4, Pages: 1241 – 1254
Cited by: Papers (73)

A systematic methodology for constructing hyperchaotic systems with multiple positive Lyapunov exponents and circuit implementation
Chaowen Shen;  Simin Yu;  Jinhu Lü;  Guanrong Chen
Published Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 3, Pages: 854 – 864
Cited by: Papers (72)

Ultra low power magnetic flip-flop based on checkpointing/power gating and self-enable mechanisms
Djaafar Chabi; Weisheng Zhao; Erya Deng; Yue Zhang; Nesrine Ben Romdhane; Jacques-Olivier Klein; Claude Chappert
Published Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 6, Pages: 1755 – 1765
Cited by: Papers (69)

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