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Consensus Tracking of Multi-Agent Systems with Lipschitz-Type Node Dynamics and Switching Topologies

Guanghui Wen; Zhisheng Duan; Guanrong Chen; Wenwu Yu
Publication Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 2, Pages: 499 - 511
Cited by: Papers (326)

TEAM: ThrEshold Adaptive Memristor Model

Shahar Kvatinsky; Eby G. Friedman; Avinoam Kolodny; Uri C. Weiser
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 60, Issue: 1, Pages: 211 - 221
Cited by: Papers (321)

Kron Reduction of Graphs with Applications to Electrical Networks

Florian Dorfler; Francesco Bullo
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 60, Issue: 1, Pages: 150 - 163
Cited by: Papers (252)

Semi-Global Leader-Following Consensus of Linear Multi-Agent Systems with Input Saturation via Low Gain Feedback

Housheng Su; Michael Z. Q. Chen; James Lam; Zongli Lin
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 60, Issue: 7, Pages: 1881 - 1889
Cited by: Papers (223)

Three Fingerprints of Memristor

Shyam Prasad Adhikari; Maheshwar Pd. Sah; Hyongsuk Kim; Leon O. Chua
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 60, Issue: 11, Pages: 3008 - 3021
Cited by: Papers (168)

Filtering of Markovian Jump Delay Systems Based on a New Performance Index

Baoyong Zhang; Wei Xing Zheng; Shengyuan Xu
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 60, Issue: 5, Pages: 1250 - 1263
Cited by: Papers (145)

Distributed Robust Synchronization of Dynamical Networks With Stochastic Coupling

Yang Tang; Huijun Gao; Jürgen Kurths
Publication Year: 2014, Volume: 61, Issue: 5, Pages: 1508 - 1519
Cited by: Papers (107)

High-Efficiency Wireless Power Transfer for Biomedical Implants by Optimal Resonant Load Transformation

Rui-Feng Xue; Kuang-Wei Cheng; Minkyu Je
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 60, Issue: 4, Pages: 867 - 874
Cited by: Papers (120)

Conformal Hybrid Solar and Electromagnetic (EM) Energy Harvesting Rectenna

Ana Collado; Apostolos Georgiadis
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 60, Issue: 8, Pages: 2225 - 2234
Cited by: Papers (104)

A Unified Approach to Practical Consensus with Quantized Data and Time Delay

Lulu Li; Daniel W. C. Ho; Jianquan Lu
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 60, Issue: 10, Pages: 2668 - 2678
Cited by: Papers (94)

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