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MAGIC—Memristor-aided logic
S. Kvatinsky; D Belousov; S Liman
Publication Year: 2014, Page(s): 895 - 899
Cited by 106

VTEAM: A general model for voltage controlled memristers
S Kvatinsky; M Ramadan; EG Friedman
Publication Year: 2015, Page(s): 786 - 790
Cited by 84

Area-delayed-power efficient carry-select adder
BK Mohanty; SK Patel
Publication Year: 2014, Page(s): 418 - 422
Cited by 77

Distributive H-infinity consensus of higher order multiagent systems with switching topologies
G Wen; G Hu; W Yu; G Chen
Publication Year: 2014, Page(s): 359 - 363
Cited by 74

l-2 - l-infinity elimination of overflow oscillations in 2-D digital filters described by Roesser model with external interference
CK Ahn
Publication Year: 2014, Page(s): 361- 365
Cited by 71

l-2 - l-infinity suppression of limit cycles in interfered two-dimensional digital filters: A Fornasini-Marchesini model case
CK Ahn
Publication Year: 2014, Page(s): 614 - 618
Cited by 62

Consensus of switched multiagent systems
Y Zheng; L Wang
Publication Year: 2016, Page(s): 314 - 318
Cited by 61

Low-power, high-throughput, and low-area adaptive FIR filter based on distributed arithmetic
SY Park; PK Meher
Publication Year: 2013, Page(s): 346 - 350
Cited by 59

Reference-modulated DCSK: a novel chaotic communication scheme
H Yang; G Jiang
Publication Year: 2013, Page(s): 232 - 236
Cited by 57

Hardware architecture for list successive cancellation decoding of polar codes
A Balatsoukas-StimmingAJ Raymond
Publication Year: 2014, Page(s): 609 - 613
Cited by 55


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