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High-efficiency differential-chaos-shift-keying scheme for chaos-based noncoherent communication
Hua Yang; Guo-Ping Jiang
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):312 - 316
Cited by 63

Design of a high-data-rate differential chaos-shift keying system
Georges Kaddoum; François Gagnon
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):448 - 452
Cited by 55

Low-power level shifter for multi-supply voltage designs
Marco Lanuzza; Pasquale Corsonello; Stefania Perri
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):922 - 926
Cited by 51

Analytical method for computation of phase-detector characteristic
G. A. Leonov; N. V. Kuznetsov; M. V. Yuldashev; R. V. Yuldashev
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):633 - 637
Cited by 49

An efficient VLSI architecture for lifting-based discrete wavelet transform
Wei Zhang; Zhe Jiang; Zhiyu Gao; Yanyan Liu
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):158 - 162
Cited by 48

Maximally flat CIC compensation filter: design and multiplierless implementation
Alfonso Fernandez-Vazquez; Gordana Jovanovic Dolecek
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):113 - 117
Cited by 40

A note on observers for discrete-time Lipschitz nonlinear systems
Wei Zhang; Housheng Su; Fanglai Zhu; Dong Yue
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):123 - 127
Cited by 38

An ultrafast adaptively biased capacitorless LDO with dynamic charging control
Xin Ming; Qiang Li; Ze-kun Zhou; Bo Zhang
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):40 - 44
Cited by 41

Area–Delay–Power efficient carry-select adder
Basant Kumar Mohanty; Sujit Kumar Patel
Publication Year: 2014, Page(s):418 - 422
Cited by 53

On sampled-data control for master-slave synchronization of chaotic Lur'e systems
Wu-Hua Chen; Zipeng Wang; Xiaomei Lu
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):515 - 519
Cited by 37

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