Recently Published Special Issues

IEEE ISCAS 2017 Late Breaking News

TCAS-II Volume 64, Issue 12, December 2017
Guest editors: Alyssa Apsel; Eduard Alarcón; Chai Wah Wu

IEEE ISCAS 2016 Late Breaking News

TCAS-II Volume 63, Issue 12, December 2016
Guest editors: Alyssa Apsel; Eduard Alarcón; Chai Wah Wu

Software-Defined Radio Transceivers and Circuits for 5G Wireless Communications

TCAS-II Volume 63, Issue 1. January 2016
Guest editors: Yichuang Sun; Baoyong Chi; Heng Zhang


Upcoming Special Issues from IEEE Conferences

IEEE ISCAS 2018 Special Issue

Authors of selected accepted ISCAS2018 papers will be invited to submit a paper for possible publication either in TCAS-II. 

Invitations will be made by a team of Guest Associate Editors on the basis of the timeliness and quality of technical results presented, the outcome of the review process and the recommendations of the Review Committee Members (RCMs) and Track Chairs (TCs) who were involved in the review process itself.

Authors of the selected papers will receive, together with the notification of acceptance for ISCAS2018, an invitation and detailed instructions on how to submit a manuscript derived from their ISCAS paper to the Scholar One web site for one of the participating journals. For invitations to TCAS-II (Brief format), the new manuscript shall be a minor revision of the ISCAS paper (the maximum length of a TCAS-II Brief is five pages only).

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