As for the year 2017, also this year the IEEE Control Systems Letters (L-CSS) offers the opportunity for authors to not only publish a paper in the journal but also to present the same paper at the flagship conference of the IEEE Control Systems Society: the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC). 
The joint submission to IEEE Control Systems Letters and CDC 2018 will be possible ***from January 4 to March 6, 2018***.
Manuscripts submitted to the L-CSS with the CDC option will undergo a regular review as papers submitted to the Letters (so they should be submitted only to the L-CSS and not to the CDC). At the end of the first round of review, the reviews and the Associate Editor's report will be forwarded to the CDC Program Committee, which will use them to decide on the inclusion of these manuscripts in the program of the Conference. After the first cycle of review, the decisions about the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript for the L-CSS and for the CDC will be independent of each other. In particular, reviews and reports collected during a possible second round of review will not be forwarded to the CDC Program Committee.
For more information about joint submission to L-CSS and CDC see, specifically,
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