February 2018, Volume 12, Issue 1

Equivalent Circuit of the Neuro-Electronic Junction for Signal Recordings From Planar and Engulfed Micro-Nano-Electrodes
Giuseppe Massobrio; Sergio Martinoia; Paolo Massobrio

Statistically Reconstructed Multiplexing for Very Dense, High-Channel-Count Acquisition Systems
David Tsai; Rafael Yuste; Kenneth L. Shepard

Deep Neural Networks for the Recognition and Classification of Heart Murmurs Using Neuromorphic Auditory Sensors
Juan P. Dominguez-Morales; Angel F. Jimenez-Fernandez; Manuel J. Dominguez-Morales; Gabriel Jimenez-Moreno

Ultracompact Microwatt CMOS Current Readout With Picoampere Noise and Kilohertz Bandwidth for Biosensor Arrays
Haitao Li; Sina Parsnejad; Ehsan Ashoori; Cort Thompson; Erin K. Purcell; Andrew J. Mason

Digital Implementation of the Two-Compartmental Pinsky–Rinzel Pyramidal Neuron Model
Elahe Rahimian; Soheil Zabihi; Mahmood Amiri; Bernabé Linares-Barranco

A Low-Power Wearable Stand-Alone Tongue Drive System for People With Severe Disabilities
Ali Jafari; Nathanael Buswell; Maysam Ghovanloo; Tinoosh Mohsenin

An Embedded, Eight Channel, Noise Canceling, Wireless, Wearable sEMG Data Acquisition System With Adaptive Muscle Contraction Detection
Mert Ergeneci; Kaan Gokcesu; Erhan Ertan; Panagiotis Kosmas

1024-Pixel CMOS Multimodality Joint Cellular Sensor/Stimulator Array for Real-Time Holistic Cellular Characterization and Cell-Based Drug Screening
Jong Seok Park; Moez Karim Aziz; Sensen Li; Taiyun Chi; Sandra Ivonne Grijalva; Jung Hoon Sung; Hee Cheol Cho; Hua Wang

In Vivo Characterization of a Wireless Telemetry Module for a Capsule Endoscopy System Utilizing a Conformal Antenna
Julia Faerber; Gerard Cummins; Sumanth Kumar Pavuluri; Paul Record; Adrian R. Ayastuy Rodriguez; Holly S. Lay; Rachael McPhillips; Benjamin F. Cox; Ciaran Connor; Rachael Gregson; Richard Eddie Clutton; Sadeque Reza Khan; Sandy Cochran; Marc P. Y. Desmulliez

A Scalable Multicore Architecture With Heterogeneous Memory Structures for Dynamic Neuromorphic Asynchronous Processors (DYNAPs)
Saber Moradi; Ning Qiao; Fabio Stefanini; Giacomo Indiveri

A Sensitive Dynamic and Active Pixel Vision Sensor for Color or Neural Imaging Applications
Diederik Paul Moeys; Federico Corradi; Chenghan Li; Simeon A. Bamford; Luca Longinotti; Fabian F. Voigt; Stewart Berry; Gemma Taverni; Fritjof Helmchen; Tobi Delbruck

SVD and ASCII Character Encoding-Based Compression of Multiple Biosignals for Remote Healthcare Systems
Sourav Kumar Mukhopadhyay; M. Omair Ahmad; M. N. S. Swamy

PERSON—Personalized Expert Recommendation System for Optimized Nutrition
Chih-Han Chen; Maria Karvela; Mohammadreza Sohbati; Thaksin Shinawatra; Christofer Toumazou

An On-Chip Learning Neuromorphic Autoencoder With Current-Mode Transposable Memory Read and Virtual Lookup Table
Hwasuk Cho; Hyunwoo Son; Kihwan Seong; Byungsub Kim; Hong-June Park; Jae-Yoon Sim

VLSI Design of SVM-Based Seizure Detection System With On-Chip Learning Capability
Lichen Feng; Zunchao Li; Yuanfa Wang

Sensing Passive Eye Response to Impact Induced Head Acceleration Using MEMS IMUs
Yuan Meng; Brent Bottenfield; Mark Bolding; Lei Liu; Mark L. Adams

Simultaneous Multimodal PC Access for People With Disabilities by Integrating Head Tracking, Speech Recognition, and Tongue Motion
M. Nazmus Sahadat; Arish Alreja; Maysam Ghovanloo

Cryogenic Preamplifiers for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Daniel H. Johansen; Juan D. Sanchez-Heredia; Jan R. Petersen; Tom K. Johansen; Vitaliy Zhurbenko; Jan H. Ardenkjær-Larsen

A 1.55 μW Bio-Impedance Measurement System for Implantable Cardiac Pacemakers in 0.18 μm CMOS
Milad Zamani; Yasser Rezaeiyan; Omid Shoaei; Wouter A. Serdijn

A 10 MHz Read-Out Chain for Electrical Impedance Tomography
Mohammad Takhti; Yueh-Ching Teng; Kofi Odame

Wireless EEG System Achieving High Throughput and Reduced Energy Consumption Through Lossless and Near-Lossless Compression
Guillermo Dufort y Álvarez; Federico Favaro; Federico Lecumberry; Álvaro Martín; Juan P. Oliver; Julián Oreggioni; Ignacio Ramírez; Gadiel Seroussi; Leonardo Steinfeld

On-Chip Neural Data Compression Based On Compressed Sensing With Sparse Sensing Matrices
Wenfeng Zhao; Biao Sun; Tong Wu; Zhi Yang