June 2017, Volume 11, Issue 3

Guest Editorial Selected Papers From the 2016 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference
A. Burdett, P. Mohseni, R. Genov

A 172 μW Compressively Sampled Photoplethysmographic (PPG) Readout ASIC With Heart Rate Estimation Directly From Compressively Sampled Data
V. R. Pamula, J. M. Valero-Sarmiento, L. Yan, A. Bozkurt, C. Van Hoof, N. Van Helleputte, R. F. Yazicioglu, M. Verhelst

A Fully Integrated Wireless SoC for Motor Function Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury
Y.-K. Lo, Y.-C. Kuan, S. Culaclii, B. Kim, P.-M. Wang, C.-W. Chang, J. A. Massachi, M. Zhu, K. Chen, P. Gad, V. R. Edgerton, W. Liu

A Neural Probe With Up to 966 Electrodes and Up to 384 Configurable Channels in 0.13 μm SOI CMOS
C. M. Lopez, J. Putzeys, B. C. Raducanu, M. Ballini, S. Wang, A. Andrei, V. Rochus, R. Vandebriel, S. Severi, C. Van Hoof, S. Musa, N. Van Helleputte, R. F. Yazicioglu, S. Mitra

A Low-Power Wide Dynamic-Range Current Readout Circuit for Ion-Sensitive FET Sensors
H. Son, H. Cho, J. Koo, Y. Ji, B. Kim, H.-J. Park, J.-Y. Sim

Integrated HIFU Drive System on a Chip for CMUT-Based Catheter Ablation System
O. Farhanieh, A. Sahaf, R. B. Roy, A. S. Ergun, A. Bozkurt

A 400 MHz Wireless Neural Signal Processing IC With 625 × On-Chip Data Reduction and Reconfigurable BFSK/QPSK Transmitter Based on Sequential Injection Locking
K.-H. Teng, T. Wu, X. Liu, Z. Yang, C.-H. Heng

Secure and Energy-Efficient Data Transmission System Based on Chaotic Compressive Sensing in Body-to-Body Networks
H. Peng, Y. Tian, J. Kurths, L. Li, Y. Yang, D. Wang

Neuromorphic Hardware Architecture Using the Neural Engineering Framework for Pattern Recognition
R. Wang, C. S. Thakur, G. Cohen, T. J. Hamilton, J. Tapson, A. van Schaik

Efficient Hardware Implementation of Real-Time Low-Power Movement Intention Detector System Using FFT and Adaptive Wavelet Transform
A. Chamanzar, M. Shabany, A. Malekmohammadi, S. Mohammadinejad

Retinal Circuit Emulator With Spatiotemporal Spike Outputs at Millisecond Resolution in Response to Visual Events
Y. Hayashida, Y. Kudo, R. Ishida, H. Okuno, T. Yagi

Droplet Size-Aware High-Level Synthesis for Micro-Electrode-Dot-Array Digital Microfluidic Biochips
Z. Li, K. Y.-T. Lai, P.-H. Yu, K. Chakrabarty, T.-Y. Ho, C.-Y. Lee

A Novel AMARS Technique for Baseline Wander Removal Applied to Photoplethysmogram
A. A. K. Timimi, M. A. Mohd Ali, K. Chellappan

HTM Spatial Pooler With Memristor Crossbar Circuits for Sparse Biometric Recognition
A. P. James, I. Fedorova, T. Ibrayev, D. Kudithipudi

Multi-Polarization Reconfigurable Antenna for Wireless Biomedical System
H. Wong, W. Lin, L. Huitema, E. Arnaud

Monocular Vision- and IMU-Based System for Prosthesis Pose Estimation During Total Hip Replacement Surgery
S. Su, Y. Zhou, Z. Wang, H. Chen

Frequency-Tracking CW Doppler Radar Solving Small-Angle Approximation and Null Point Issues in Non-Contact Vital Signs Monitoring
M. Mercuri, Y.-H. Liu, I. Lorato, T. Torfs, A. Bourdoux, C. Van Hoof

Diaper-Embedded Urinary Tract Infection Monitoring Sensor Module Powered by Urine-Activated Batteries
W. Seo, W. Yu, T. Tan, B. Ziaie, B. Jung

Robust Wireless Power Transmission to mm-Sized Free-Floating Distributed Implants
S. A. Mirbozorgi, P. Yeon, M. Ghovanloo

A Compact Synchronous Cellular Model of Nonlinear Calcium Dynamics: Simulation and FPGA Synthesis Results
H. Soleimani, E. M. Drakakis

All-Digital Galvanically-Coupled BCC Receiver Resilient to Frequency Misalignment
P. Chen, H. Yang, R. Luo, B. Zhao