August 2017, Volume 11, Issue 4

Design of a Closed-Loop, Bidirectional Brain Machine Interface System With Energy Efficient Neural Feature Extraction and PID Control
Xilin Liu ; Milin Zhang ; Andrew G. Richardson ; Timothy H. Lucas ; Jan Van der Spiegel

A Hardware-Efficient Scalable Spike Sorting Neural Signal Processor Module for Implantable High-Channel-Count Brain Machine Interfaces
Yuning Yang ; Sam Boling ; Andrew J. Mason

Giant Magnetoresistive Biosensor Array for Detecting Magnetorelaxation
Xiahan Zhou ; Chih-Cheng Huang ; Drew A. Hall

Robust Sensing of Distal Pulse Waveforms on a Modified Weighing Scale for Ubiquitous Pulse Transit Time Measurement
Andrew M. Carek ; Omer T. Inan

A Miniaturized 0.78-mW/cm2 Autonomous Thermoelectric Energy-Harvesting Platform for Biomedical Sensors
Dejan Rozgić ; Dejan Marković

Integrating Flexible Sensor and Virtual Self-Organizing DC Grid Model With Cloud Computing for Blood Leakage Detection During Hemodialysis
Ping-Tzan Huang ; Tai-Lang Jong ; Chien-Ming Li ; Wei-Ling Chen ; Chia-Hung Lin

A Microfluidic Cytometer for Complete Blood Count With a 3.2-Megapixel, 1.1- μm-Pitch Super-Resolution Image Sensor in 65-nm BSI CMOS
Xu Liu ; Xiwei Huang ; Yu Jiang ; Hang Xu ; Jing Guo ; Han Wei Hou ; Mei Yan ; Hao Yu

A COTS-Based Microwave Imaging System for Breast-Cancer Detection
Mario R. Casu ; Marco Vacca ; Jorge A. Tobon ; Azzurra Pulimeno ; Imran Sarwar ; Raffaele Solimene ; Francesca Vipiana

Efficient Sample Delay Calculation for 2-D and 3-D Ultrasound Imaging
Aya Ibrahim ; Pascal A. Hager ; Andrea Bartolini ; Federico Angiolini ; Marcel Arditi ; Jean-Philippe Thiran ; Luca Benini ; Giovanni De Micheli

Virtual Spirometry and Activity Monitoring Using Multichannel Electrical Impedance Plethysmographs in Ambulatory Settings
Hassan Aqeel Khan ; Amit Gore ; Jeffrey Ashe ; Shantanu Chakrabartty

Development of a Low-Cost Medical Ultrasound Scanner Using a Monostatic Synthetic Aperture
Thomas L. A. van den Heuvel ; David J. Graham ; Kristopher J. Smith ; Chris L. de Korte ; Jeffrey A. Neasham

An Ultralow-Power Sleep Spindle Detection System on Chip
Saam Iranmanesh ; Esther Rodriguez-Villegas

Embedded System for Prosthetic Control Using Implanted Neuromuscular Interfaces Accessed Via an Osseointegrated Implant
Enzo Mastinu ; Pascal Doguet ; Yohan Botquin ; Bo Håkansson ; Max Ortiz-Catalan

Compact, Energy-Efficient High-Frequency Switched Capacitor Neural Stimulator With Active Charge Balancing
Wen-Yang Hsu ; Alexandre Schmid

A Multimodal Framework Based on Integration of Cortical and Muscular Activities for Decoding Human Intentions About Lower Limb Motions
Chengkun Cui ; Gui-Bin Bian ; Zeng-Guang Hou ; Jun Zhao ; Hao Zhou

Development of a Wearable Controller for Gesture-Recognition-Based Applications Using Polyvinylidene Fluoride
Kyle Van Volkinburg ; Gregory Washington

An Investigation on Ground Electrodes of Capacitive Coupling Human Body Communication
Jingna Mao ; Huazhong Yang ; Bo Zhao

Compact, Highly Efficient, and Fully Flexible Circularly Polarized Antenna Enabled by Silver Nanowires for Wireless Body-Area Networks
Zhi Hao Jiang ; Zheng Cui ; Taiwei Yue ; Yong Zhu ; Douglas H. Werner

Dual-Band Dual-Mode Button Antenna for On-Body and Off-Body Communications
Xiu Yin Zhang ; Hang Wong ; Te Mo ; Yun Fei Cao

Understanding Robust Adaptation Dynamics of Gene Regulatory Network
Xiao-Na Huang ; Hai-Peng Ren

Noise in Neuronal and Electronic Circuits: A General Modeling Framework and Non-Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques
Deniz Kilinc ; Alper Demir