August 2018, Volume 12, Issue 4

Guest Editorial Special Issue on Cardiovascular System Monitoring and Therapy: Innovative Technologies and Internet of Things
A. Humeau-Heurtier, S.-Y. Lee, Y.-H. Liu, M. Milanova, and L. Eduardo Virgilio Silva

An Analog Front End ASIC for Cardiac Electrical Impedance Tomography
A. Rao, Y.-C. Teng, C. Schaef, E. K. Murphy, S. Arshad, R. J. Halter, and K. Odame

A Nanowatt Real-Time Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy Detector
T. Tekeste, H. Saleh, B. Mohammad, A. Khandoker, H. Jelinek, and M. Ismail

A Real-Time QRS Detection System With PR/RT Interval and ST Segment Measurements for Wearable ECG Sensors Using Parallel Delta Modulators
X. Tang, Q. Hu, and W. Tang

Online Obstructive Sleep Apnea Detection on Medical Wearable Sensors
G. Surrel, A. Aminifar, F. Rincon, S. Murali, and D. Atienza

A 36 µW 1.1 mm2 Reconfigurable Analog Front-End for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Signals Recording
J. Xu, M. Konijnenburg, H. Ha, R. van Wegberg, S. Song, D. Blanco-Almazan, C. Van Hoof, and N. Van Helleputte

Blood Cholesterol Monitoring With Smartphone as Miniaturized Electrochemical Analyzer for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
Y. Fu and J. Guo

Estimation of the Cardiac Field in the Esophagus Using a Multipolar Esophageal Catheter
R. A. Wildhaber, D. Bruegger, N. Zalmai, H. Malmberg, J. Goette, M. Jacomet, H. Tanner, A. Haeberlin, and H.-A. Loeliger

Low-Complexity Privacy-Preserving Compressive Analysis Using Subspace-Based Dictionary for ECG Telemonitoring System
C.-Y. Chou, E.-J. Chang, H.-T. Li, and A.-Y. Wu

A Parasitic Insensitive Catheter-Based Capacitive Force Sensor for Cardiovascular Diagnosis
S. Jeon, J. Lee, H. Hwang, W. Ryu, and Y. Chae

Towards Characterization and Adaptive Compensation of Backlash in a Novel Robotic Catheter System for Cardiovascular Interventions
O. M. Omisore, S. P. Han, L. X. Ren, G. S. Wang, F. L. Ou, H. Li, and L. Wang

Exploiting All Programmable SoCs in Neural Signal Analysis: A Closed-Loop Control for Large-Scale CMOS Multielectrode Arrays
G. P. Seu, G. N. Angotzi, F. Boi, L. Raffo, L. Berdondini, and P. Meloni

Noise Model of Capacitive and Textile Capacitive Noncontact Electrodes for Bioelectric Applications
S. N. Asl, M. Oehler, and M. Schilling

Spiking Optical Flow for Event-Based Sensors Using IBM’s TrueNorth Neurosynaptic System
G. Haessig, A. Cassidy, R. Alvarez, R. Benosman, and G. Orchard

Quadrature Synthetic Aperture Beamforming Front-End for Miniaturized Ultrasound Imaging
G. Peyton, B. Farzaneh, H. Soleimani, M. G. Boutelle, and E. M. Drakakis

An On-Chip Trainable and the Clock-Less Spiking Neural Network With 1R Memristive Synapses
A. Shukla and U. Ganguly

A Bidirectional-Current CMOS Potentiostat for Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry Detector Arrays
C. I. Dorta-Quinones, M. Huang, J. C. Ruelas, J. Delacruz, A. B. Apsel, B. A. Minch, and M. Lindau

A Photoplethysmographic Signal Isolated From an Additive Motion Artifact by Frequency Translation
S. Sinchai, P. Kainan, P. Wardkein, and J. Koseeyaporn

Hodgkin–Huxley Neuron and FPAA Dynamics
A. Natarajan and J. Hasler

Active Perception With Dynamic Vision Sensors. Minimum Saccades With Optimum Recognition
A. Yousefzadeh, G. Orchard, T. Serrano-Gotarredona, and B. Linares-Barranco

A Multichannel High-Frequency Power-Isolated Neural Stimulator With Crosstalk Reduction
D. Jiang and A. Demosthenous

Acoustic Analog Front End for Proton Range Detection in Hadron Therapy
M. Riva, E. A. Vallicelli, A. Baschirotto, and M. De Matteis

Correction to “Compact Nonlinear Model of an Implantable Electrode Array for Spinal Cord Stimulation”
S. Seshadri and J. Scott