January 2018, Volume 65, Issue 1

Theory of Double Ladder Lumped Circuits With Degenerate Band Edge
Jeff T. Sloan; Mohamed A. K. Othman; Filippo Capolino

A 0.7–2.5 GHz, 61% EIRP System Efficiency, Four-Element MIMO TX System Exploiting Integrated Power-Relaxed Power Amplifiers and an Analog Spatial De-Interleaver
Wei-Han Yu; Ka-Fai Un; Pui-In Mak; Rui P. Martins

Wideband Inductorless Low-Power LNAs with Gm Enhancement and Noise-Cancellation
Zhijian Pan; Chuan Qin; Zuochang Ye; Yan Wang; Zhiping Yu

1.5–3.3 GHz, 0.0077 mm2, 7 mW All-Digital Delay-Locked Loop With Dead-Zone Free Phase Detector in 0.13 μm CMOS
Erkan Bayram; Ahmed Farouk Aref; Mohamed Saeed; Renato Negra

A Reconfigurable 10-to-12-b 80-to-20-MS/s Bandwidth Scalable SAR ADC
Yi Shen; Zhangming Zhu; Shubin Liu; Yintang Yang

An 11-Bit 250-nW 10-kS/s SAR ADC With Doubled Input Range for Biomedical Applications
Mahmoud Sadollahi; Koichi Hamashita; Kazuki Sobue; Gabor C. Temes

Time-to-Digital Converter With Sample-and-Hold and Quantization Noise Scrambling Using Harmonics in Ring Oscillators
Juan Pablo Caram; Jeff Galloway; J. Stevenson Kenney

A Low-Noise CMOS Image Sensor With Digital Correlated Multiple Sampling
Nan Chen; Shengyou Zhong; Mei Zou; Jiqing Zhang; Zhongshun Ji; Libin Yao

A 0.55-V, 28-ppm/°C, 83-nW CMOS Sub-BGR With UltraLow Power Curvature Compensation
Lianxi Liu; Junchao Mu; Zhangming Zhu

Monolithic Airflow Detection Chip With Automatic DC Offset Calibration
Ming-Ke Tsai; Tse-An Chen; Heng-Yu Chiu; Tse-Wei Wu; Chia-Ling Wei

VLSI Design and Implementation of Reconfigurable 46-Mode Combined-Radix-Based FFT Hardware Architecture for 3GPP-LTE Applications
Xin-Yu Shih; Hong-Ru Chou; Yue-Qu Liu

A Computationally Efficient Reconfigurable Constant Multiplication Architecture Based on CSD Decoded Vertical–Horizontal Common Sub-Expression Elimination Algorithm
Indranil Hatai; Indrajit Chakrabarti; Swapna Banerjee

Parallel Balanced-Bit-Serial Design Technique for Ultra-Low-Voltage Circuits With Energy Saving and Area Efficiency Enhancement
Bing-Chen Wu; I-Chyn Wey

Improved Algorithms and Implementations for Integer to tau NAF Conversion for Koblitz Curves
Lijuan Li; Shuguo Li

Data-Cell-Variation-Tolerant Dual-Mode Sensing Scheme for Deep Submicrometer STT-RAM
Taehui Na; Byungkyu Song; Jung Pill Kim; Seung H. Kang; Seong-Ook Jung

Range Mapping—A Fresh Approach to High Accuracy Mitchell-Based Logarithmic Conversion Circuit Design
Joshua Yung Lih Low; Ching Chuen Jong

An Algorithm of an X-ray Hit Allocation to a Single Pixel in a Cluster and Its Test-Circuit Implementation
Grzegorz W. Deptuch; Farah Fahim; Paweł Gryboś; Jim Hoff; Scott Holm; Piotr Maj; David Peter Siddons; Piotr Kmon; Marcel Trimpl; Tom Zimmerman

A Reconfigurable Streaming Deep Convolutional Neural Network Accelerator for Internet of Things
Li Du; Yuan Du; Yilei Li; Junjie Su; Yen-Cheng Kuan; Chun-Chen Liu; Mau-Chung Frank Chang

Decision Tree and Random Forest Implementations for Fast Filtering of Sensor Data
Sebastian Buschjäger; Katharina Morik

Generalized Analytical Equations for Injected Ring Oscillator With RC -Load
Ali Reza Hazeri; Hossein Miar-Naimi

One-Dimensional Nonlinear Model for Producing Chaos
Zhongyun Hua; Yicong Zhou

Towards a Dependable True Random Number Generator With Self-Repair Capabilities
Honorio Martin; Giorgio Di Natale; Luis Entrena

Globally Optimal Matching Networks With Lossy Passives and Efficiency Bounds
Chandrakanth Reddy Chappidi; Kaushik Sengupta

Modeling and Analysis of Passive Switching Crossbar Arrays
Mohammed E. Fouda; Ahmed M. Eltawil; Fadi Kurdahi

Modeling and Identification of Ultra-Wideband Analog Multipliers
Andreas Pedross-Engel; Hermann Schumacher; Klaus Witrisal

Reliability in Super- and Near-Threshold Computing: A Unified Model of RTN, BTI, and PV
Victor M. van Santen; Javier Martin-Martinez; Hussam Amrouch; Montserrat Maqueda Nafria; Jörg Henkel

Energy Optimization for Data Allocation With Hybrid SRAM+NVM SPM
Yan Wang; Kenli Li; Jun Zhang; Keqin Li

System Analysis of Six-Port-Based RF-Receivers
Marko Mailand

A 1-V 10-Gb/s/pin Single-Ended Transceiver With Controllable Active-Inductor-Based Driver and Adaptively Calibrated Cascaded-Equalizer for Post-LPDDR4 Interfaces
Junyoung Song; Sewook Hwang; Hyun-Woo Lee; Chulwoo Kim

Digital Complex Delta–Sigma Modulators With Highly Configurable Notches for Multi-Standard Coexistence in Wireless Transmitters
Răzvan-Cristian Marin; Antoine Frappé; Andreas Kaiser

Decision-Directed Retention-Failure Recovery With Channel Update for MLC NAND Flash Memory
Chaudhry Adnan Aslam; Yong Liang Guan; Kui Cai

Design and Analysis of Energy-Efficient Single-Pulse Piezoelectric Energy Harvester and Power Management IC for Battery-Free Wireless Remote Switch Applications
Minbok Lee; Joonseok Yang; Myeong-Jae Park; Sung-Youb Jung; Jaeha Kim

IC Design and Measurement of an Inductorless 48 V DC/DC Converter in Low-Cost CMOS Technology Facing Harsh Environments
Sergio Saponara; Gabriele Ciarpi

A Noise-Shaped Randomized Modulation for Switched-Mode DC-DC Converters
Keer Cui; Victor Adrian; Bah-Hwee Gwee; Joseph S. Chang

RF-Only Logic: an Area Efficient Logic Family for RF-Power Harvesting Applications
Wenxu Zhao; Peter Gadfort; Kirti Bhanushali; Paul D. Franzon