October 2017, Volume 64, Issue 10

A 4.2-mW 77.1-dB SNDR 5-MHz BW DT 2-1 MASH ΔΣ Modulator With Multirate Opamp Sharing
Liang Qi ; Sai-Weng Sin ; Seng-Pan U ; Franco Maloberti ; Rui Paulo Martins

A 0.016 mm2 12 b ΔΣ SAR With 14 fJ/conv. for Ultra Low Power Biosensor Arrays
Lieuwe B. Leene ; Timothy G. Constandinou

An Analog Front-End Chip With Self-Calibrated Input Impedance for Monitoring of Biosignals via Dry Electrode-Skin Interfaces
Chun-Hsiang Chang ; Seyed Alireza Zahrai ; Kainan Wang ; Li Xu ; Ibrahim Farah ; Marvin Onabajo

Design of A Novel Highly EMI-Immune CMOS Miller OpAmp Considering Channel Length Modulation
Subrahmanyam Boyapati ; Jean-Michel Redouté ; Maryam Shojaei Baghini

A 1.62–5.4-Gb/s Receiver for DisplayPort Version 1.2a With Adaptive Equalization and Referenceless Frequency Acquisition Techniques
Sewook Hwang ; Junyoung Song ; Yeonho Lee ; Chulwoo Kim

Analysis and Design of Bang-Bang PD-Based Phase Noise Filter
Tongning Hu ; Shilei Hao ; Qun Jane Gu

Simplified Unified Analysis of Switched-RC Passive Mixers, Samplers, and N -Path Filters Using the Adjoint Network
Shanthi Pavan ; Eric Klumperink

Modeling and Mitigation of Static Noise Margin Variation in Subthreshold SRAM Cells
Nan Zheng ; Pinaki Mazumder

Pre-Charged Local Bit-Line Sharing SRAM Architecture for Near-Threshold Operation
Tae Woo Oh ; Hanwool Jeong ; Juhyun Park ; Seong-Ook Jung

On Turing Instability in Nonhomogeneous Reaction-Diffusion CNN’s
Liviu Goras ; Paul Ungureanu ; Leon O. Chua

Interplay Between Spreading and Random Walk Processes in Multiplex Networks
Igor Mishkovski ; Miroslav Mirchev ; Sanja Šćepanović ; Ljupco Kocarev

On Existence of Equilibria of Multi-Port Linear AC Networks With Constant-Power Loads
Juan E. Machado ; Robert Griñó ; Nikita Barabanov ; Romeo Ortega ; Boris Polyak

Distributed Filtering for Switched Linear Systems With Sensor Networks in Presence of Packet Dropouts and Quantization
Dan Zhang ; Zhenhua Xu ; Hamid Reza Karimi ; Qing-Guo Wang

Case Study of a Hybrid Optoelectronic Limiting Receiver
Kehan Zhu ; Vishal Saxena

Parallel List Decoding of Convolutional Codes: Algorithm and Implementation
Jian Wang ; Matthias Korb ; Kangli Zhang ; Harald Kröll ; Qiuting Huang ; Jibo Wei