November 2018, Volume 65, Issue 11

Guest Editorial for the Special Issue on the 2018 International Symposium on Integrated Circuits and Systems
E. Blokhina

A 0.19 mm2 10 b 2.3 GS/s 12-Way Time-Interleaved Pipelined-SAR ADC in 65-nm CMOS  
Y. Zhu, C.-H. Chan, Z.-H. Zheng, C. Li, J.-Y. Zhong, and R. P. Martins

A 18.5 nW 12-bit 1-kS/s Reset-Energy Saving SAR ADC for Bio-Signal Acquisition in 0.18-µm CMOS  
M.-J. Seo, D.-H. Jin, Y.-D. Kim, S.-I. Hwang, J.-P. Kim, and S.-T. Ryu

A 2-MS/s, 11.22 ENOB, Extended Input Range SAR ADC With Improved DNL and Offset Calculation  
S. Asghar, S. S. Afridi, A. Pillai, A. Schuler, J. M. de la Rosa, and I. O’Connell

A 0.6-V 10-bit 200-kS/s SAR ADC With Higher Side-Reset-and-Set Switching Scheme and Hybrid CAP-MOS DAC
H. Zhang, H. Zhang, Q. Sun, J. Li, X. Liu, and R. Zhang

Reset-Free Memoryless Delta–Sigma Analog-to-Digital Conversion
R. S. A. Kumar, D. Behera, and N. Krishnapura

Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators Based on Passive RC Integrators
J. L. A. de Melo, N. Paulino, and J. Goes

A 0.9-V 100-µW Feedforward Adder-Less Inverter-Based MASH ΔΣ Modulator With 91-dB Dynamic Range and 20-kHz Bandwidth
M. Honarparvar, J. M. de la Rosa, and M. Sawan

A 12-bit Multi-Channel R-R DAC Using a Shared Resistor String Scheme for Area-Efficient Display Source Driver
D.-K. Jung, Y.-H. Jung, T. Yoo, D.-H. Yoon, B.-Y. Jung, T. T.-H. Kim, and K.-H. Baek

A 4-Channel 12-Bit High-Voltage Radiation-Hardened Digital-to-Analog Converter for Low Orbit Satellite Applications
H. Fan, D. Li, K. Zhang, Y. Cen, Q. Feng, F. Qiao, and H. Heidari

Missing-Code-Occurrence Probability Calibration Technique for DAC Nonlinearity With Supply and Reference Circuit Analysis in a SAR ADC
G. Wang, C. Li, Y. Zhu, J. Zhong, Y. Lu, C.-H. Chan, and R. P. Martins

A 25-Gb/s 270-mW Time-to-Digital Converter-Based 8× Oversampling Input-Delayed Data-Receiver in 45-nm SOI CMOS
S. U. Rehman, M. M. Khafaji, C. Carta, and F. Ellinger

An On-Chip Self-Characterization of a Digital-to-Time Converter by Embedding it in a First-Order ΔΣ Loop
P. Chen, X. Huang, Y. Chen, L. Wu, and R. B. Staszewski

A Mixed-Signal Circuit Technique for Cancellation of Interferers Modulated by LO Phase-Noise in 4G/5G CA Transceivers
S. Sadjina, R. S. Kanumalli, A. Gebhard, K. Dufrêne, M. Huemer, and H. Pretl

An All-Digital PLL for Cellular Mobile Phones in 28-nm CMOS with −55 dBc Fractional and −91 dBc Reference Spurs
F.-W. Kuo, M. Babaie, H.-N. R. Chen, L.-C. Cho, C.-P. Jou, M. Chen, and R. B. Staszewski

Operational Transconductance Amplifier With Class-B Slew-Rate Boosting for Fast High-Performance Switched-Capacitor Circuits
M. H. Naderi, S. Prakash, and J. Silva-Martinez

Class-J SiGe X-Band Power Amplifier Using a Ladder Filter-Based AM–PM Distortion Reduction Technique
P. Scaramuzza, C. Rubino, M. Caruso, M. Tiebout, A. Bevilacqua, and A. Neviani

A 0.12–0.4 V, Versatile 3-Transistor CMOS Voltage Reference for Ultra-Low Power Systems
A. C. de Oliveira, D. Cordova, H. Klimach, and S. Bampi

A Fully Integrated Analog Front End for Biopotential Signal Sensing
J. Zheng, W.-H. Ki, and C.-Y. Tsui

A High Frame Rate Wearable EIT System Using Active Electrode ASICs for Lung Respiration and Heart Rate Monitoring
Y. Wu, D. Jiang, A. Bardill, S. de Gelidi, R. Bayford, and A. Demosthenous

A CMOS Temperature Sensor With Versatile Readout Scheme and High Accuracy for Multi-Sensor Systems
Z. Tang, Y. Fang, X.-P. Yu, Z. Shi, and N. Tan

An Analog CMOS Silicon Photomultiplier Using Perimeter-Gated Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes
M. S. A. Shawkat, M. H. U. Habib, and N. McFarlane

A Low-Power Vision System With Adaptive Background Subtraction and Image Segmentation for Unusual Event Detection
M. Benetti, M. Gottardi, T. Mayr, and R. Passerone

Asynchronous Spiking Pixel With Programmable Sensitivity to Illumination
J. A. Leñero-Bardallo, M. Delgado-Restituto, R. Carmona-Galán, and Á. Rodríguez-Vázquez

A Low Power Diode-Clamped Inverter-Based Strong Physical Unclonable Function for Robust and Lightweight Authentication
Y. Cao, C. Q. Liu, and C. H. Chang

TEL Logic Style as a Countermeasure Against Side-Channel Attacks: Secure Cells Library in 65nm CMOS and Experimental Results
D. Bellizia, G. Scotti, and A. Trifiletti

A Standard-Cell-Based All-Digital PWM Modulator With High Resolution and Spread-Spectrum Capability
M. De Martino, D. De Caro, D. Esposito, E. Napoli, N. Petra, and A. G. M. Strollo

Real-Time Embedded Machine Learning for Tensorial Tactile Data Processing
A. Ibrahim and M. Valle

HTD: A Light-Weight Holosymmetrical Transition Detector for Wide-Voltage-Range Variation Resilient ICs
W. Dai, W. Shan, X. Shang, X. Liu, H. Cai, and J. Yang

A Hardware-Scalable DSP Architecture for Beam Selection in mm-Wave MU-MIMO Systems
C.-Y. Yeh, T.-C. Chu, C.-E. Chen, and C.-H. Yang

Adaptive Learning-Based Compressive Sampling for Low-power Wireless Implants
C. Aprile, K. Ture, L. Baldassarre, M. Shoaran, G. Yilmaz, F. Maloberti, C. Dehollain, Y. Leblebici, and V. Cevher

Design and Implementation of Flexible and Reconfigurable SDF-Based FFT Chip Architecture With Changeable-Radix Processing Elements
X.-Y. Shih, H.-R. Chou, and Y.-Q. Liu

All-Digital Transmitter Architecture Based on Two-Path Parallel 1-bit High Pass Filtering DACs
F. T. Gebreyohannes, A. Frappé, P. Cathelin, A. Cathelin, and A. Kaiser

High-Performance Switched-Capacitor Boost–Buck Integrated Power Converters
Y. Allasasmeh and S. Gregori

A 220-MHz Bondwire-Based Fully-Integrated KY Converter With Fast Transient Response Under DCM Operation
W.-L. Zeng, C.-S. Lam, S.-W. Sin, F. Maloberti, M.-C. Wong, and R. P. Martins

A Current-Accuracy-Enhanced Wide-Input-Range DC–DC LED Driver With Feedforward Synchronous Current Control
Z. Liu and H. Lee

A Dual-Output Switched Capacitor DC–DC Buck Converter Using Adaptive Time Multiplexing Technique in 65-nm CMOS
D. Kilani, B. Mohammad, M. Alhawari, H. Saleh, and M. Ismail

Nano-Ampere Low-Dropout Regulator Designs for IoT Devices
Y. Huang, Y. Lu, F. Maloberti, and R. P. Martins

A Fully On-Chip Digitally Assisted LDO Regulator With Improved Regulation and Transient Responses
H. Li, C. Zhan, and N. Zhang