December 2017, Volume 64, Issue 12

Time Domain Processing Techniques Using Ring Oscillator-Based Filter Structures
Lieuwe B. Leene; Timothy G. Constandinou

200 μm by 100 μm Smart Submersible System With an Average Current Consumption of 1.3nA and a Compatible Voltage Converter
Dominic A. Funke; Philipp Hillger; Jürgen Oehm; Pierre Mayr; Lukas Straczek; Nils Pohl; John S. McCaskill

K-Band SiGe System-on-Chip Radiometric Receiver for Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere
Luca Aluigi; Domenico Pepe; Federico Alimenti; Domenico Zito

Picowatt, 0.45–0.6 V Self-Biased Subthreshold CMOS Voltage Reference
Arthur Campos de Oliveira; David Cordova; Hamilton Klimach; Sergio Bampi

Phase-Noise Reduction in a CMOS-MEMS Oscillator Under Nonlinear MEMS Operation
Arantxa Uranga; Guillermo Sobreviela; Martín Riverola; Francesc Torres; Núria Barniol

Four-Wire Interface ASIC for a Multi-Implant Link
Sara S. Ghoreishizadeh; Dorian Haci; Yan Liu; Nick Donaldson; Timothy G. Constandinou

An Efficient Digital Background Control for Hybrid Transformer-Based Receivers
Gerardo Castellano; Daniele Montanari; Davide De Caro; Danilo Manstretta; Antonio Giuseppe Maria Strollo

Optimum nMOS/pMOS Imbalance for Energy Efficient Digital Circuits
Francisco Veirano; Lirida Naviner; Fernando Silveira

A Novel Architecture of Large Hybrid Cache With Reduced Energy
Jiacong He; Joseph Callens-Sloan

Networks-on-Chip With Double-Data-Rate Links
Anastasios Psarras; Savvas Moisidis; Chrysostomos Nicopoulos; Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos

Design-Oriented Energy Models for Wide Voltage Scaling Down to the Minimum Energy Point
Saurabh Jain; Longyang Lin; Massimo Alioto

Power-Efficient Sum of Absolute Differences Hardware Architecture Using Adder Compressors for Integer Motion Estimation Design
Bianca Silveira; Guilherme Paim; Bruno Abreu; Mateus Grellert; Cláudio Machado Diniz; Eduardo Antonio Ceśar da Costa; Sergio Bampi

ACRO-PUF: A Low-power, Reliable and Aging-Resilient Current Starved Inverter-Based Ring Oscillator Physical Unclonable Function
Chao Qun Liu; Yuan Cao; Chip Hong Chang

Hardware-Efficient QR-Decomposition Using Bivariate Numeric Function Approximation
Jochen Rust; Pascal Seidel; Benjamin Knoop; Steffen Paul

BIRA With Optimal Repair Rate Using Fault-Free Memory Region for Area Reduction
Chang-Hyun Oh; Sae-Eun Kim; Joon-Sung Yang

Design Optimization Considering Guiding Template Feasibility and Redundant Via Insertion for Directed Self-Assembly
Kun-Lin Lin; Shao-Yun Fang; Yun-Xiang Hong

Novel Field-Support Vector Regression-Based Soft Sensor for Accurate Estimation of Solar Irradiance
Jieming Ma; Haochuan Jiang; Kaizhu Huang; Ziqiang Bi; Ka Lok Man

Design and Modeling of Serial Data Transceiver Architecture by Employing Multi-Tone Single-Sideband Signaling Scheme
Gain Kim; Thierry Barailler; Chen Cao; Kiarash Gharibdoust; Yusuf Leblebici