March 2018, Volume 65, Issue 3

High-Efficiency Charge Pumps for Low-Power On-Chip Applications
Xiaoxue Jiang; Xiaojian Yu; Kambiz Moez; Duncan G. Elliott; Jie Chen

A Cartesian Error Feedback Architecture
Jinbo Li; Zhiwei Xu; Wei Hong; Qun Jane Gu

VLSI Designs for Joint Channel Estimation and Data Detection in Large SIMO Wireless Systems
Oscar Castañeda; Tom Goldstein; Christoph Studer

A Sub-mW Integrating Mixer SAR Spectrum Sensor for Portable Cognitive Radio Applications
Kevin Banović; Anthony Chan Carusone

A 5 pJ/pulse at 1-Gpps Pulsed Transmitter Based on Asynchronous Logic Master–Slave PLL Synthesis
Marco Crepaldi; Gian Nicola Angotzi; Antonio Maviglia; Francesco Diotalevi; Luca Berdondini

A Variation-Aware Timing Modeling Approach for Write Operation in Hybrid CMOS/STT-MTJ Circuits
Raffaele De Rose; Marco Lanuzza; Felice Crupi; Giulio Siracusano; Riccardo Tomasello; Giovanni Finocchio; Mario Carpentieri; Massimo Alioto

Mono3D: Open Source Cell Library for Monolithic 3-D Integrated Circuits
Chen Yan; Emre Salman

An ATPG Method for Double Stuck-At Faults by Analyzing Propagation Paths of Single Faults
Peikun Wang; Conrad Jinyong Moore; Amir Masoud Gharehbaghi; Masahiro Fujita

Factoring Integers With a Brain-Inspired Computer
John V. Monaco; Manuel M. Vindiola

Complex Dynamics in Arrays of Memristor Oscillators via the Flux–Charge Method
Fernando Corinto; Mauro Forti

Design of Synthetic Central Pattern Generators Producing Desired Quadruped Gaits
Matteo Lodi; Andrey Shilnikov; Marco Storace

Adaptive Matrix Design for Boosting Compressed Sensing
Mauro Mangia; Fabio Pareschi; Riccardo Rovatti; Gianluca Setti

Anomaly Detection in Moving-Camera Video Sequences Using Principal Subspace Analysis
Lucas A. Thomaz; Eric Jardim; Allan F. da Silva; Eduardo A. B. da Silva; Sergio L. Netto; Hamid Krim

Single Underwater Image Restoration Using Adaptive Attenuation-Curve Prior
Yi Wang; Hui Liu; Lap-Pui Chau

Design of Least-Squares and Minimax Composite Filters
Wu-Sheng Lu; Takao Hinamoto

Expected Value and Variance of the Indirect Time-of-Flight Measurement With Dead Time Afflicted Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes
Maik Beer; Olaf M. Schrey; Bedrich J. Hosticka; Rainer Kokozinski

On Enhancing Reliability of Weak PUFs via Intelligent Post-Silicon Accelerated Aging
Md Nazmul Islam; Vinay C. Patil; Sandip Kundu

A Generalized Approach to Implement Efficient CMOS-Based Threshold Logic Functions
Seyed Nima Mozaffari; Spyros Tragoudas; Themistoklis Haniotakis

A 0.4-V 0.66-fJ/Cycle Retentive True-Single-Phase-Clock 18T Flip-Flop in 28-nm Fully-Depleted SOI CMOS
François Stas; David Bol

Real-Time Depth From Focus on a Programmable Focal Plane Processor
Julien N. P. Martel; Lorenz K. Müller; Stephen J. Carey; Jonathan Müller; Yulia Sandamirskaya; Piotr Dudek

PLL-Based Wideband Frequency Modulator: Two-Point Injection Versus Pre-Emphasis Technique
Dmytro Cherniak; Carlo Samori; Roberto Nonis; Salvatore Levantino

A Sub-1ppm/°C Current-Mode CMOS Bandgap Reference With Piecewise Curvature Compensation
Ruocheng Wang; Wengao Lu; Meng Zhao; Yuze Niu; Zhaokai Liu; Yacong Zhang; Zhongjian Chen

Design and Analysis of 2.4 GHz 30 μW CMOS LNAs for Wearable WSN Applications
Ehsan Kargaran; Danilo Manstretta; Rinaldo Castello

A 12-b 40-MS/s Calibration-Free SAR ADC
Chung-Wei Hsu; Soon-Jyh Chang; Chun-Po Huang; Li-Jen Chang; Ya-Ting Shyu; Chih-Huei Hou; Hwa-An Tseng; Chih-Yuan Kung; Huan-Jui Hu

A Self-Test on Wafer Level for a MEM Gyroscope Readout Based on ΔΣ Modulation
Sebastian Nessler; Maximilian Marx; Yiannos Manoli

Analysis and Demonstration of an IIP3 Improvement Technique for Low-Power RF Low-Noise Amplifiers
Chun-Hsiang Chang; Marvin Onabajo