June 2017, Volume 64, Issue 6

94-GHz CMOS Power Amplifiers Using Miniature Dual Y-Shaped Combiner With RL Load
Y.-S. Lin and V. K. Nguyen

Design and Analysis of Millimeter-Wave Digitally Controlled Oscillators With C-2C Exponentially Scaling Switched-Capacitor Ladder
Z. Huang and H. C. Luong

A Sub-1 ppm/°C Precision Bandgap Reference With Adjusted-Temperature-Curvature Compensation
H.-M. Chen, C.-C. Lee, S.-H. Jheng, W.-C. Chen, and B.-Y. Lee

A Power-Efficient Reconfigurable Output-Capacitor-Less Low-Drop-Out Regulator for Low-Power Analog Sensing Front-End
S.-Y. Peng, L.-H. Liu, P.-K. Chang, T.-Y. Wang, H.-Y. Li

A High-Voltage Closed-Loop SC Interface for a ± 50 g Capacitive Micro-Accelerometer With 112.4 dB Dynamic Range
M. Zhao, Z. Chen, W. Lu, Y. Zhang, Y. Niu, G. Chen

A Nonlinear Switched State-Space Model for Capacitive RF DACs
S. Trampitsch, J. Markovic, P. Oßmann, J. Fritzin, J. Zaleski, C. Mayer, M. Fulde, H. Pretl, A. Springer, M. Huemer

A 6-b, 800-MS/s, 3.62-mW Nyquist Rate AC-Coupled VCO-Based ADC in 65-nm CMOS
M. Hassanpourghadi, P. K. Sharma, M. S.-W. Chen

A 2.24-mW, 61.8-dB SNDR, 20-MS/s Pipelined ADC With Charge-Pump-Based Dynamic Biasing for Power Reduction in Op Amp Sharing
J.-K. Cho

Ramp Noise Projection in CMOS Image Sensor Single-Slope ADCs
D. Levski, M. Wäny, B. Choubey

Masked Dithering of MASH Digital Delta-Sigma Modulators With Constant Inputs Using Multiple Linear Feedback Shift Registers
H. Mo and M. P. Kennedy

A Hybrid Analog-to-Digital Conversion Algorithm With Sub-Radix and Multiple Quantization Thresholds
K.-H. Chang, C.-C. Hsieh

Improving Digital-to-Analog Converter Linearity by Large High-Frequency Dithering
A. A. Eielsen and A. J. Fleming

Spike-Based Readout of POSFET Tactile Sensors
S. Caviglia, L. Pinna, M. Valle, C. Bartolozzi

A Scalable Network-on-Chip Microprocessor With 2.5D Integrated Memory and Accelerator
S. Manoj P. D., J. Lin, S. Zhu, Y. Yin, X. Liu, X. Huang, C. Song, W. Zhang, M. Yan, Z. Yu, H. Yu

Incremental Bitline Voltage Sensing Scheme With Half-Adaptive Threshold Reference Scheme in MLC PRAM
J. Ko, Y. Yang, J. Kim, Y. Oh, H. K. Park, S.-o. Jung

48-Mode Reconfigurable Design of SDF FFT Hardware Architecture Using Radix-32 and Radix-23 Design Approaches
X.-Y. Shih, Y.-Q. Liu, H.-R. Chou

Low Overhead Architectures for OMP Compressive Sensing Reconstruction Algorithm
A. Kulkarni, T. Mohsenin

New Algorithm for Signed Integer Comparison in {2n+k,2n−1,2n+1,2n±1−1} and Its Efficient Hardware Implementation
S. Kumar, C.-H. Chang, T. F. Tay

Efficient and Reliable Small-Signal Estimate of Quantization Noise Contribution to Phase Noise in ΔΣ Fractional- N PLL
F. Bizzarri, A. Brambilla, S. Callegari

Digital Blind Background Calibration of Imperfections in Time-Interleaved ADCs
H. Mafi, M. Yargholi, M. Yavari

Fully Digital Feedforward Background Calibration of Clock Skews for Sub-Sampling TIADCs Using the Polyphase Decomposition
H. L. Duc, D. M. Nguyen, C. Jabbour, P. Desgreys, O. Jamin, V. T. Nguyen

Lorentzian Based Adaptive Filters for Impulsive Noise Environments
R. L. Das, M. Narwaria

Memristor Circuits: Bifurcations without Parameters
F. Corinto, M. Forti

Oscillation-Based Slime Mould Electronic Circuit Model for Maze-Solving Computations
V. Ntinas, I. Vourkas, G. Ch. Sirakoulis, A. I. Adamatzky

A Fast Algorithm for Testability Analysis of Large Linear Time-Invariant Networks
G. Fontana, A. Luchetta, S. Manetti, M. C. Piccirilli

Circuit Synthesis for Guaranteed Positive Sparse Realization of Passive State-Space Models
J. F. Villena, L. M. Silveira

A New Cost-Aware Sensitivity-Driven Algorithm for the Design of FIR Filters
J. Chen, J. Tan, C.-H. Chang, F. Feng

Realization of Biquadratic Impedances as Five-Element Bridge Networks
M. Z. Q. Chen, K. Wang, C. Li, G. Chen

A 100 MHz PRF IR-UWB CMOS Transceiver With Pulse Shaping Capabilities and Peak Voltage Detector
R. Vauche, E. Muhr, O. Fourquin, S. Bourdel, J. Gaubert, N. Dehaese, S. Meillere, H. Barthelemy, L. Ouvry

Design and Analysis of CMOS LNAs with Transformer Feedback for Wideband Input Matching and Noise Cancellation
L. Wu, H. F. Leung, H. C. Luong