August 2017, Volume 64, Issue 8

Analysis of Chopped Integrators, and Its Application to Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator Design
Shanthi Pavan

A 7.8-mW 5-b 5-GS/s Dual-Edges-Triggered Time-Based Flash ADC
Chi-Hang Chan ; Yan Zhu ; Sai-Weng Sin ; U. Seng-Pan ; Rui P. Martins ; Franco Maloberti

A 29.5 dBm Class-E Outphasing RF Power Amplifier With Efficiency and Output Power Enhancement Circuits in 45nm CMOS
Aritra Banerjee ; Rahmi Hezar ; Lei Ding ; Baher Haroun

Class-J2 Power Amplifiers
Amirreza Alizadeh ; Majid Yaghoobi ; Ali Medi

Optically Powered Optical Transmitter Using a Single Light-Emitting Diode
Iskender Haydaroglu ; Mehmet T. Ozgun ; Senol Mutlu

Systematic Computation of Nonlinear Bilateral Dynamical Systems With a Novel Low-Power Log-Domain Circuit
Ehsan Jokar ; Hamid Soleimani ; Emmanuel M. Drakakis

An 80-mV-to-1.8-V Conversion-Range Low-Energy Level Shifter for Extremely Low-Voltage VLSIs
Ryo Matsuzuka ; Tetsuya Hirose ; Yuzuru Shizuku ; Kyohei Shinonaga ; Nobutaka Kuroki ; Masahiro Numa

Half-Select Free and Bit-Line Sharing 9T SRAM for Reliable Supply Voltage Scaling
Kyungho Shin ; Woong Choi ; Jongsun Park

Theoretical Model of EnDP to Achieve Energy-Efficient SRAM
Jie Zhang ; Dan Li ; Shiquan Fan ; Zhuoqi Guo ; Weibo Hu ; Li Geng

SRAM Operational Mismatch Corner Model for Efficient Circuit Design and Yield Analysis
Tae Hoon Choi ; Hanwool Jeong ; Younghwi Yang ; Juhyun Park ; Seong-Ook Jung

A Novel Framework to Estimate the Path Delay Variability On the Back of an Envelope via the Fan-Out-of-4 Metric
Massimo Alioto ; Giuseppe Scotti ; Alessandro Trifiletti

Toward Practical Code-Based Signature: Implementing Fast and Compact QC-LDGM Signature Scheme on Embedded Hardware
Jingwei Hu ; Ray C. C. Cheung

Robust Set-Membership Normalized Subband Adaptive Filtering Algorithms and Their Application to Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Zongsheng Zheng ; Zhigang Liu ; Haiquan Zhao ; Yi Yu ; Lu Lu

Fully-Digital Blind Compensation of Non-Linear Distortions in Wideband Receivers
Raphaël Vansebrouck ; Chadi Jabbour ; Olivier Jamin ; Patricia Desgreys

Memristor Crossbar for Adaptive Synchronization
Lucia Valentina Gambuzza ; Mattia Frasca ; Luigi Fortuna ; Vasileios Ntinas ; Ioannis Vourkas ; Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis

Efficient Verification Against Undesired Operating Points for MOS Analog Circuits
You Li ; Zhiqiang Liu ; Degang Chen

A Synthesis Methodology for Ternary Logic Circuits in Emerging Device Technologies
B. Srinivasu ; K. Sridharan

Optimal VLSI Delay Tuning by Space Tapering With Clock-Tree Application
Eyal Sarfati ; Binyamin Frankel ; Yitzhak Birk ; Shmuel Wimer

Iterative Learning Control for Multi-Agent Systems With Finite-Leveled Sigma-Delta Quantization and Random Packet Losses
Ting Zhang ; Junmin Li

Multi-Carrier Chaos Shift Keying: System Design and Performance Analysis
Hua Yang ; Wallace K. S. Tang ; Guanrong Chen ; Guo-Ping Jiang

Effect of Offset Mismatch in Time-Interleaved ADC Circuits on OFDM-BER Performance
Vo-Trung-Dung Huynh ; Nele Noels ; Heidi Steendam

Topology Derivation and Analysis of Integrated Multiple Output Isolated DC–DC Converters With Stacked Configuration for Low-Cost Applications
Guipeng Chen ; Yan Deng ; Kun Wang ; Yihua Hu ; Lin Jiang ; Huiqing Wen ; Xiangning He